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Great day, then Wh starts texting me...

Gottagetthrough posted 7/29/2020 20:53 PM

I am a phone addict. So today I said Iím going to try not to be in the phone. I wasnít much, just to take pictures. One kid and I hiked 7 miles. All kids and I played outside for several hours. I made my kids and the family members we are staying with this summer tacos for lunch and spaghetti for dinner with strawberry shortcake for desert.

It was one of those full days where you go to bed sore and happy and tired.

Wh starts texting me that I was supposed to help him with this and that, that Iím lazy, my ideas are dumb, and he wonít do anything until I come home. Meaning- heís staying in bed til I come hime. He wants me to come home MONDAY .

Um, no.

I put him on mute. I want to tell him sooo many things, but I just donít care. I donít want to go home to him. I donít want to see him. Iím not lonely for him.

BentandBroken posted 7/29/2020 22:22 PM

Way to go! 180 the s**t out of him!

JanaGreen posted 7/29/2020 22:39 PM

Im so sorry. I remember my ex doing similar during the D process and it was so draining and terrible. You WILL get through this! Big hugs

ibonnie posted 7/29/2020 23:11 PM

Keep him on mute. Tell him to send you an email if he needs to talk to you about kids or finances.

Carissima posted 7/30/2020 01:04 AM

Have your relatives started the eviction proceedings to get your WH out of the house yet?

Gottagetthrough posted 7/30/2020 04:59 AM


Not yet. We have called and know how to do it. But I was hoping for an in house separation (we have a mother in law suite in the basement with its own entrance) for financial reasons but I donít think thatís going to be possible now.

LadyG posted 7/30/2020 05:39 AM

In house separation is very hard even with adult children.

My WH wouldnít move out, so I did. He soon followed.

For some reason my WH still gets jealous when I spend one on one time with my children. My eldest lives in a share house a street over from me and we ran a few errands together and WH was desperate to ask DS what we did together today.

Younger son still lives with WH until D is settled but son will visit me on weekends. As soon as he gets home WH again is desperate to speak to him about our time together.

We donít speak about WH as my children made it very clear that I should have left WH years ago.

As for the phone, we are strictly no contact unless itís extremely important and again he can only contact me 9-5 Monday to Friday. My evenings and weekends are so peaceful.

The1stWife posted 7/30/2020 16:03 PM

Some of these Posts sound like the cheater has the ďI only want what I canít haveĒ mentality.

They had you as a spouse. Cheated and her and now D or S. And NOW they want you to pay attention to them. Now they want to invest in a relationship.

They had it. They blew it. Itís over.

homewrecked2011 posted 7/30/2020 18:06 PM

He doesnít want you to be happy.

Try to ďgrey rockĒ him from now on and do not tell him anything about your life.

ZenMumWalking posted 7/30/2020 20:19 PM

Keep up the NC.

crazyblindsided posted 7/30/2020 21:14 PM

Right?! I hate getting texts from STBX. I got one today that said ďI have some issues brewing that I would like to discuss.Ē He always has an issue and heís a miserable person trying to drag everyone down around him including me. Communication with STBX leads me down a rabbit hole or is crazy making. Sometimes I wish he would have left me for any AP. This is sheer torture. I wish I never met him.

J707 posted 7/31/2020 10:42 AM

Right. You're lazy. You went on a 7 mile hike, made lunch, dinner and dessert and enjoyed your day without him. Sounds like a good beautiful day!!

Poor me lazy WH: I'm going to be poor me being lazy laying around pouting until you come home because you're lazy and your ideas are dumb. Poor me, acknowledge me.

You: Mute. Are those crickets I hear? They sound beautiful!

nekonamida posted 7/31/2020 14:10 PM

Good for you, GGT! See how good life can be without him around to suck the energy out of you?

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