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The "Just Sayin'" Thread. A Place to Place Your Random Thoughts

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UnexpectedSong posted 11/9/2011 07:10 AM

The Oxford comma is the comma before the word "and" at the end of a list. Example: "I only post on SI on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays." The comma after "Tuesdays" is an Oxford comma.

It's usually a matter of preference and ought to be consistent within a document except when it changes or obfuscates the meaning.

In compound phrases, it is essential:

I like rum and Coke, Ben and Jerry's, and red velvet cake.

It should not be there if it can be misinterpreted:

My idols are my sister, Kate Middleton and Mother Teresa.

(With the Oxford comma, one might misconstrue that my sister is Kate Middleton.)

For more comma fun, read "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" with a panda on the cover. (The incorrect commas are deliberate. )

Now I am seriously going to hide.

[This message edited by UnexpectedSong at 7:15 AM, November 9th (Wednesday)]

ImNellNow posted 11/9/2011 10:19 AM

As long as we're talkin' commas... I idolize Grammar Girl. Even more than I idolize Lynn Truss. My dork level is sky-high and I'm okay with it.

shattered123 posted 11/9/2011 15:22 PM

I love Eats, Shoots and Leaves. And I DETEST errant apostrophe's!! Just sayin'

Crescita posted 11/10/2011 15:27 PM

Is there such a thing as typing homophone dyslexia? As soon as I post I am mortified to see that I typed “no” instead of “know” or “their” for “there.” I swear I know the difference; my fingers just don’t seem to care.

heart_in_a_blend posted 11/10/2011 15:38 PM

I hate when spell checker doesn't know what I'm mean.

I hate it when Google ask me "did you mean". I just want to say shut up and find it.

alex mama posted 11/10/2011 22:10 PM

If I were a spy like Annie Walker and had to run all over Berlin, I sure as hell wouldn't be wearing stilletos.

Or if I had to wear stilletos, I'd make sure they had some fun spy trick to them.

bufffalo posted 11/10/2011 22:21 PM

Why do i have to wear a seat belt in a 4X4, chevy 3/4 ton diesel pickup......and i can ride my harley without a helmet????

Why is the insurance for my boat the same as the insurance for my harley???? (the boat is not used between September and April....the bike is ridden year round......and they both cost the same - within $100 of each other).

Just wonderin'...... :)


BrokenRoad posted 11/11/2011 18:12 PM

My darling construction planners,

It is now November. We've been playing this game of wait all summer for the orange cones just to see a smattering. We knew it was coming. We live in Michigan, and along with the cold, dark, and snow, we know we will see orange. Every year.

So now that it's not only snowing here and there, it's DARK, and cold, and I dont want to frikken drive in this crap....NOW you choose to block every frikken intersection and the Hungry Howies entrance for good measure.

All I wanted was a frikken pizza so I didnt have to cook after a long week.

You suck very much.

Just sayin.

tryingtwo posted 11/11/2011 19:55 PM

My nephew is a Veteran of the Iraq war. There on day one. I didn't agree with the war, didn't agree with the politics and didn't want him to go.

Today, Veteran's Day I honor my favorite Marine. I honor all he suffered and sacrificed. I was his ear, the person he told the stories to that no one else heard. He suffered there doing the duty of a Marine.

You may not like war. You may not like the politics of war. But by damned, each and every one of you should honor the men and women that serve our country today and the families that sacrifice so much while they are gone....

Just sayin'....Thank you.

BrokenRoad posted 11/11/2011 19:56 PM


You said it.

Just sayin


jo2love posted 11/11/2011 21:55 PM

I hate it when Google ask me "did you mean". I just want to say shut up and find it.

heart_in_a_blend - I feel the same.

Cannaman posted 11/12/2011 12:10 PM

I think Haiku's make
Very lousy poetry,
I'm a hypocrite

imokay posted 11/12/2011 12:14 PM

Just sayin'

TrustedHer posted 12/1/2011 15:29 PM

Blah blah fuckity blah.

Just sayin'

click4it posted 12/1/2011 15:32 PM

If I send you an email that lists the name, address and phone number of the information you requested - then its not my fault you didn't ACTUALLY READ it, is it?

If you send me an email after I just sent this info to you asking me for the information don't be surprised when I say I just sent that to you earlier!

Just saying....

Dreamboat posted 12/8/2011 14:39 PM

Whoever made burnt popcorn in the break room needs to go get some air freshener!

Just Sayin'

ImNellNow posted 12/8/2011 19:27 PM

Yes, I do need two pair of casual boots that are exactly the same color. One pair ends just over the ankle and is worn under boot-cut jeans. The other pair is long and slouchy and is worn over skinny jeans. Obviously one can't do the job of the other, so stop looking at them and then giving me the "really" look. Yes. Really.

Just sayin'.

TrustedHer posted 12/22/2011 15:34 PM

Just sayin': There's a serious-as-a-heatattack thread in General that I won't T/J, but based on the usernames involved, you'd think we were some kind of fantasy fiction discussion board.

Sorceress, circe, and selkie...

cass posted 12/29/2011 17:09 PM

Callie Rabbit died today.

Just saying, not a dog or a cat but a friend for 8 years. One who rummaged around the garden and was always there or abouts and happy to play.

She had a hysterectomy early in life, within her first year. She weathered it and then the loss of her best rabbit friend Bailey. She was lost after this and lonely. Yesterday she was upright and eating. Today she was lying down and couldn't get up. She was barely breathing when we phoned the vet. He said it would be good to help her on her journey.

Just a little animal who shared her world with us.

Treasured memories of all the little animals who share their world with us.

unchained2u posted 12/30/2011 00:32 AM

A week ago I was in Vegas watching Boise State kick the crap out of Arizona State and taking in the sites on the strip. It's great to have wealthy kids to pick up the tab for Christmas !
Just sayin, thanks Kari

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