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Stay no contact - Post it here

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Braveyogi posted 6/6/2016 10:17 AM

today is our 19th wedding anniversary. I remember that day with such fondness - on the beach with family and friends. What a lovely day. Everyone filled with joy and excitement. Bagpipe led everyone to the beach. loved ones encircled us as we took our vows. wrapped in love. Danced the tango to a live band. What a wonderful start to what I thought was a wonderful relationship.
until, until, until...I know we had so many difficulties. I thought that was the price to pay for graduate/medical school. And that once we got through we'd be ok. Boy was I so wrong. I didn't see how broken we'd become. I trusted in us, I trusted in our vows - for better or for worse, in sickness and health, richer or poorer, to love and cherish, forsaking all others until death do us part. I lived those damn vows while you were out doing whatever the hell you wanted to do. And now I learned FROM MY LAWYER that your pathetic ass raked up nearly a million dollars in debt from two failed business practices. And i'm on the hook for that, or you're going to plead oh poor me i can't pay spousal support. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and then I find a real estate sheet that you've been looking at a 10 acre beautiful estate priced at - just wait!! $865,000. you fucker. i can't even begin to describe the rage, humiliation, devastation, sadness, bitterness, fire, all inside. you are a fabulous mother fucker. I hope you burn burn burn for your careless, thoughtless, selfish indiscretions. Maybe a nice case of herpes or craps to go along with some form of eternal damnation. I know this is small of me, but I hope you continue to be as fucking miserable without me as you claim you were with me. I was a good, kind, caring, devoted wife to you. Yes, i made my share of mistakes, but man, i didn't deserve this crap. Holy fucing crap that you dished out. How in the hell am i going to get through this?!!! holy hell...this sucks so bad.

JustOneMoreDay posted 6/6/2016 11:09 AM

How do you do No Contact when Dday was yesterday an he's been your best friend for a million years?

Dontunderstand03 posted 6/6/2016 13:29 PM

I really need to stick to no contact. I constantly let him back in. ugggg I so want to sent this to him!

I am so tired of you playing your games. I want you today but not tomorrow. I am so mad you got upset that you heard that a handsome guy wants to go out with me. What did you expect. You want me to sit and wait for you. It makes me so mad now I get text asking if you are as handsome as him. It makes me mad when I have been nothing but honest with you and you keep saying do what you want. I am made because months people told me about you and the OW and now that someone is interested in me you are upset and hurt. That you make me feel bad and I feel sorry for you. I am mad that you are upset that I took our daughter to the ocean and you are sad you are missing out. It's your own fault! I have given you chance after chance to be with me and be a family. You make me feel bad for taking our DD to the ocean because it made you sad. You know how to make me feel bad. Then I get crickets when o respond by asking you to do something. Uggggg what the F** you want.

ChewedMeUp posted 6/6/2016 16:59 PM

What I sent: I'm just not comfortable with that, sorry.

What I want to send: No you can't borrow my truck, you ignorant fucknugget, we're DIVORCED. Walk the mile to the store, call an uber, call one of your billion friends to run you around wherever until you get your trash heap fixed. You got your inch, leaving your shit here longer. You're not getting a mile, dickweed.

confused615 posted 6/6/2016 17:19 PM


You need to change your perspective...

Me -BS 39
Him-WS 38
Dday #1 February 14, 2003 EA(not a typo. He did it AGAIN eleven years later)
Dday #2 March 17, 2014 LT PA
Dday #3 June 29, 2014(found evidence something had gone on with his sister's best friend)
Dday #4: June 05/2016

A best friend would never heap this amount of abuse on you.

You go NC because you need to be your own best friend.

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/6/2016 17:46 PM

Sorry ChewedMeUp, but this have me a good giggle!

What I want to send: No you can't borrow my truck, you ignorant fucknugget, we're DIVORCED.

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/6/2016 17:56 PM

Just want to say, STBX, I think you'll get the FOTY award this Father's Day.

You told DD you'd always be there for her. You would help her when she needed it.
Well, laSt week she got an $8000 Dental estimate. She knows she can't do it all. She wants help getting a front tooth, so she can comfortably interview. She's already anxiety ridden. You know that. Or, you did. Not that you've kept in touch with her...

Anyway. She asked for help on Thursday. It's Monday. So far? Crickets.I get it. That's how WE respond (or don't) to each other.
But to your CHILD who tippy "love Soooo much"?

Yep. FOTY contender(At least write back that you "can't" help her. I've watched her check her email every 5 minutes for days! )!!

whiteflower99 posted 6/6/2016 22:14 PM

I loved you, do you understand that? There is nothing I wouldn't have done for you. And you didn't care.
I put you and your needs ahead of my own, and you didn't care.
I lost myself in you. I have my power to you. I have you everything I could. But it wasn't enough. We weren't important enough, you simply did not care.
Fuck you.
I hope your death is lonely and painful. I hope you rot from the inside out before you die.
I hate you.
Because I still love who I thought you were.
And you don't fucking care.

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/7/2016 00:17 AM

Hugs whiteflower! (& everyone else, too).

FOTY got back to DD today. With a "No, your mom keeps me too broke", naturally.

I figured, and so did she. Still, sucks to see him turn her down flat, claiming broke, when she watches OW FB page and sees all the expensive things they do/buy.

She says she's going to let him know she knows everything going on since we left
Maybe it'd do him good to know he's not as sly as he thinks he is. Too bad his OW is a braggart asshole, hanging his dirty laundry out for everyone to see.

[This message edited by WowItsReallyReal at 12:18 AM, June 7th (Tuesday)]

whiteflower99 posted 6/7/2016 06:36 AM

There needs to be a special place in hell for those WS's who put their orgasms over their children.

PastAndFuture posted 6/7/2016 09:30 AM

I can't understand how and why you became such a selfish man.

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/8/2016 01:30 AM

Hey STBX, you need to get your bitch in check!😠

Good thing I'm states away, 'cause she triggered a mama bear reaction today & would have found a VERY UNHAPPY me on her (or should I say *OUR*, I do still own 50% interest in the house after all) doorstep this afternoon.

DD kindly asked if you could help with her with fixing her said no. She dropped it.

Then today that scumbag bitch had to post a rant on FB about stupid, "entitled" people who *USE* others & expect everything be given to them?
How THEY need to grow up, be *decent people*, & get MORALS! Not take others for granted. Learn to stand on their own two feet.

Are you fucking kidding me right now??!!??!! What the hell does she know about ANY of those things, especially morals? That fucking [word that must not be said]!

You sleep on your mom's couch all week! You borrowed the retainer for your D lawyer from her, you used my dad's credit card to get medical help for our dog, then refused to pay it back (so I have to, when you bring in 7x the income I do). My dad let us live in his house for 13 years below market rent...and you have the nerve, along with that skank, to preach about not relying on help from others?! OMFG.

You two made DD cry, a kid with anxiety & self esteem issues & mystery illnesses that are SERIOUSLY impacting her quality of life in negative ways. And, no, I know...She's "not as sick as you" it's really "not that bad" & she should "get over it". Whatever. You didn't even recognize her she'd lost so much weight from being sick!

She asks you for help with getting ONE FRONT TOOTH temporary to fill in the missing one that sheared off just after SHE paid $800 to get the real tooth "fixed". What a bum. The estimate was for 20+ teeth, & thousands upon thousands of dollars due to hereditary & medicine induced decay. She didn't ask for ALL of it, just one tooth. So she could get a job and not feel even more out of place with a huge gap every time she talks or smiles.

She turned to her DAD, you know, the guy who said he'd ALWAYS be there for her, help her ANY way he could.

She wants to get a job, dipshit. All she wanted was a damn front tooth, so people didn't judge her. I think that's fairly reasonable...and, yes, expensive. You should know, you had all yours capped & whitened.

The OW posting all this negative stuff about her on FB only helps lower her self worth. Then you LIKING the post? Good job.
Real class. Shows how much you care & "always be there" for your only daughter.

I think she just wrote you off.
She says you have OWs whore-y daughters now, so you don't need her anymore.

F*U.You're some kind of fucked up. Hope you know DD isn't just going to give crickets. I've heard what she's going to tell you.
Better you than me!

*(And I know you'll be obtuse & shallow...thinking it's because of not giving her the dentist money, which it's SO not)! Look to your OW to blame. She really needs to keep her shitty opinions to herself!

Igglepiggle posted 6/11/2016 03:32 AM

Just bumping for those who are struggling

neverlosehope3 posted 6/11/2016 19:47 PM

ok... I haven't posted on this thread before but here it goes...

I miss you...I want to text you so bad and tell you that I miss you.. I want you to hold me right now that I am in so much pain... but I can't reach out to you because you are the one who destroyed my heart with your betrayals... the fact that I believe you are a sex addict does not take my heartache away... you did this... you crossed the line nd now me and our kids have to suffer the pain that you are not here with us. and no matter how much I hate it, I still miss you... God please help me through this heartbreak...

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/11/2016 23:18 PM

Hugs, neverlosehope. That's a rough ass phase you're in. I was in it forever. As my rantings here prove, it passes. Eventually.

STBX, I hear you didn't like DDs email to you regarding OW commenting about her on FB. Aww, my heart bleeds. And, i thinkshe's 100% RIGHT.

You actually called DS & complained DD was HARASSING YOU, sending you "Random, uncalled for, mean emails". WTFever.

So, you didn't already ruin or lives enough, you're trying to cause problems with who/where we live now, too?
You're such a pussy.

You're an embarrassment.
Sign the fucking papers already, it's been over 3 months! I can't wait to call you my ex and dump your name. Guh.
Sucks my kids will still have it & DS will pass it along. When I think of it, I'll try to think of it as your DAD'S NAME...not yours.
He was REAL man.
He didn't cheat.
He didn't run.
He didn't disrespect his wife & family.
He died a good man, well thought of. Honorable.

More than can be said about you.

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/11/2016 23:35 PM

Oh, and I heard you took OW swimming with dolphins for your 50th.
Considering that was a trip WE were taking, then it got canceled for your health...I think it's disgusting you took her to do that.
It's not like it was something YOU wanted to do, since you hate the beach & the water, don't swim.

On Dday you said you couldn't stay married to me because I was 'too boring' & 'we didn't have anything in common'...yet she has taken on ALL of my hobbies & you take her everywhere WE used to go! You claimed you hated everything we did & I 'forced' you to go do things that made you 'miserable'.
So why are you still doing it!? You literally just swapped women and kept on going along, just as you were.

You're stick in the head, and you both have cold, black hearts.

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/15/2016 09:28 AM

I was going along pretty darn & good for awhile, now he's got me in a tizzy. I can't find meh or even push him from my mind with the fuckery he's pulling.

Stop with the emails to DD. She's already struggling, in constant pain emotionally and physically, suicidal. Not that you'd know.

You wrote her yesterday that you don't keep in contact with her because she doesn't keep in contact with you. Omg,really? That's so lame.

Then telling her your OW is "a sweet person" & she'd think so too if she would get to know her? Yeah. She's sweet...helping you wreck our family, talking shit about us, making Facebook posts about what losers our kids are for "not being strong, independent people instead of sheep who believe people who fill their heads with lies".
You think that BS isn't driving a wedge between you & the kids?! Yeah she's real sweet.

Then telling DS she's turning into "her greedy mother" & that she's a " creepy stalker" because she reads the OW public FB page to know anything about your life.

Saying that you were AND ARE a good father to her?! Ha! Not anymore you're not. And she called you on it.

I can't believe you said that until she "grows up & gets over it" and accepts OW you're no longer her dad, she disappoints you, & then you sign the email with your first name?

I wanted to throttle you. You suck & are fucked in the head beyond all comprehension.
I don't know what I ever saw in you. You're so far from a decent human being it's unbelievable!

nekorb posted 6/19/2016 14:34 PM

Look you NPD asshole, stop acting like a greedy twit and agree to the modification we discussed.

You fucking ASSHOLE!!!

SERIOUSLY. What in the fuck is wrong with you?


You will never be happy. Ever. Because you can't ever be happy with what you have. All you focus on is what you don't have.

brokenyrs posted 6/22/2016 12:35 PM

Dealing with everything everyday is so hard. Keeping everything in is so hard. Trying to do what is right is hard. The entire situation is such a mess. And then to add to it is you saying you want to R but I know. I have known for weeks now thanks to a message from your co-worker. I've said nothing to you about it. Not yet.

But days like yesterday and today I feel like I am going to explode but that isn't an option right now. But at least I can put it here and say I know.

JustOneMoreDay posted 6/22/2016 15:49 PM

Struggling today

He's gone away to visit his sister because he needed to get his head on straight while I am left dealing with a daughter who is too stressed to work and a little one with no child care. I am so fucking tired of being the grown up. I am so fcking tired of listening to you say how it's your turn to be selfish.

You're a prick and I hate you.

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