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Stay no contact - Post it here

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OuttaCoffee posted 5/5/2018 17:25 PM

Couldn't stop yourself. You turned those thousands of texts and sexts from your sexcapades and thhe attention that it brought you and focused that toward manipulating our daughter. You don't change. You never will. You know nothing of selfless giving. It's all about what you can take. What you can twist and control. Congratulations, you win. She's in no shape to be there, but I am in no position to stop it. You won't lift a finger for her care. Farm it out to your relatives, some of whom are unfit to pick up turds by the roadside let alone be charged with the CARE OF MY DAUGHTER. I dont know how you do it. Screw with people's heads, but you do it well.

I'm so happy your well earned vacation was going so pleasant for you this morning. All that hard work for so long on your back and knees for so many years for so many others. You absolutely deserve to pamper yourself. After all the hard work you've put in wiggling your thumbs and nothing the fuck else for our daughter. You earned it. Hell, they should just give you a week there. Don't worry, your relatives and I will be there to do the heavy lifting like always. After all, this is the only expenditure you've had since that unfortunate getting booted incident. Others foot your stay like always, and will be there to clean up your messes.

WhoTheBleep posted 5/5/2018 20:41 PM

You're "sorry for your rage"??? Threatening to reveal marital confidences if I seek my share of our assets and child support? Hitting below the belt in the most vicious way a person can, and you're SORRY?? That's not an apology. It's a statement about your CHARACTER. Yes, Mr.Bleep, you ARE sorry. You are a fucking ALIEN in a human body. I can't even stand to look at your face, anymore. You actually DISGUST me! And you wonder why I never let you photograph intimate moments between us? THIS IS WHY. It would just be used to keep me in line, you abusive controlling fuck. Fuck you, you disgusting fuck. Get your nudes from the nasty bar chicks you undoubtedly still pursue.

You have not evolved one day past your single days in NYC. Except, you're just a broken down middle aged fool.

You don't need to apologize to me ever again, because you are nothing to me. You are a babysitter. That's it.

Now do me a favor and NEVER communicate with me again. Next step is a restraining order. Try me. I dare you.

Dragonfly123 posted 5/6/2018 02:00 AM


I've spent the whole morning wrestling with my fucking kindness towards you. I want to take my boys to football club and carry on enjoying my long weekend with them but my stupid compassion for you kicks in and I feel guilty that I'm not letting you take them. I feel guilty!!!!!!!!!

Why the hell should I feel guilty?!?!?! We didn't ask for any of the shitstorm you have reigned down upon us. You have chosen to continue to be in a relationship with your fake tits Fuck buddy, a woman who wrote playful/jokey messages about breaking our family and the hearts of our boys!!!

She called you 'fannyfizz' she actually called you 'fannyfizz' in messages about breaking our children and irreparably damaging their little lives. 'Have courage fannyfizz!' How fucking old are you both... 14?!?!?

I hate you. I hate her. I think you're without a doubt, perfect for each other.

But I need to pull up my bitch boots and stop feeling any kindness and compassion to you as a father. You're a shit one of those!! Your four year old begged you not to hurt him! Begged you and you went right ahead and did it!


DevastatedDee posted 5/7/2018 22:20 PM

Sometimes I wonder just who in the fuck you think I am. Of course, that makes the assumption that you ever really gave a fuck who I am instead of seeing me as some kind of object or comfort blankie. You are a child. This whole adulting know...keeping a job and parenting like you give a shit and being an actual husband and not putting yourself in financial just seems to be beyond you. I'm not terribly needy. I handle my own shit. I parent my children (and yours too, btw). I was a single mom for quite a few years before I met you. I'm used to being responsible. All you had to do to have a good life with me was to be a grown-ass man. You know, not treating me like your mommy while you texted prostitutes behind my back and met up with them. Sneaking around to do drugs and such. Losing your job because you couldn't be bothered to show up. It's not that I'm dumb that I missed the's that I treated you like a fucking adult who would not do stupid childish things and wreck your marriage for nothing. I wasn't monitoring your fucking phone because I trusted that you weren't a horrific fuckface. For nothing, dumbass. Nothing at all. When you have me at home, willing to try most anything and down to fuck at the drop of a hat, you have no excuse whatsoever. You had quite a lot to be grateful for, didn't you? But noooo, you have to break it. It was happy and you don't do happy. There are men out there who would LOVE to have a wife like me, but instead I gave myself to you. You had no clue what to do with me. Did you not get that you were a lucky man?

As for me...well, I apparently didn't know what to do with me either. To give all that away to someone who couldn't appreciate it is on me. I can assure you that won't happen again. I'm addressing my stupidity and bad judgment head on.

And last week with the "Sometimes I think I should just let you go and stop tormenting you"...motherfucker it ain't that damned hard to not torment the person you claim to love. If you have to actually try not to torment your spouse, you do not love your spouse. Get your shit together, man. Grow the fuck up. You have an absolutely fantastic mother. She's paying your bills and giving you a place to stay, but I doubt you appreciate her like you should. You aren't her little boy anymore, dumbass. You're over 40. I suspect you're out getting drunk or high tonight given that you aren't contacting me. That's the thanks she gets for helping you. I guess it might be nice if you'd stop tormenting her too. You're going to be dead if you keep this stupidity up. Who the hell knows what will become of you if you outlive your parents? I know they don't need this kind of stress. I cannot imagine what they're going through.

Hey, maybe you should give your daughter a moment's thought while you're at it. She is so accustomed to you disappointing her that she isn't even freaked out by this relapse. That girl is wiser and more mature than you are by a long shot and she's 16. She's supposed to be the immature stupid one.

Whew, I feel better now. This is a good thread.

Dragonfly123 posted 5/9/2018 06:51 AM

You absolute POS!! We are NOT friends. You were emotionally and mentally abusive to me for six months with that bitch of yours... and I'd argue sexually abusive as I'd never have made the choice to sleep with you knowing what I do now... you took away my choices!!

And now when you have the kids, I get the love bombing... how wonderful they are, what a wonderful mother I am...

I know I'm a fucking wonderful mother... I have to be since you broke our hearts!!!!!!!

I can't write back what I want too because then it gives you sodding kibbles... and you're all about the bloody kibbles aren't you?!?! So I just wrote innocuous crap and hope you'll go away for a few hours!!

You hurt me... you abused me... what do you not understand about that!?!?

SuperDaddy1027 posted 5/9/2018 07:55 AM

You got what you wanted. You got your divorce. I am no longer your husband. You didn't even have to do the dirty work to get divorced or even PAY for it. I did it all myself! You got out of this marriage with ZERO consequences! This is not the life I wanted. This was your idea and your circus. As long as The Princess gets what she wants I guess thatís all that matters!

So I ask you......why the FUCK canít you leave me alone? Why do you continue to treat me like shit and be an asshole to me? I asked you a simple question yesterday about the kids. I needed a yes or no response. Instead I got drama and bullshit. And shame on me for letting you drag me back in to your crazy! Do you seriously have nothing better to do with your life? Stop asking me personal things. You donít give a shit about me. Youíre just doing it to ďshowĒ you are a nice person and justify your actions. I want nothing to do with you. Iíve tried to co-parent with you. Itís not working bc you continue to show how selfish you are. Therefore we will just parallel parent I guess. Iím done. If I never saw or heard from you again my life would be perfect! Leave me the fuck alone you psycho! You got what you wanted. Move on!

[This message edited by SuperDaddy1027 at 8:17 AM, May 9th (Wednesday)]

kitty02ckb posted 5/9/2018 09:43 AM

Do you think I don't see her texts on the phone bill?

You are the dumbest fucker on the planet. She cheated on you while you were dating, she is a narcissist, she said horrible things to you, this is just a game/a conquest for her, she made fun of you, she lied to you, she told me lies about you. Have you already forgotten how awful she was???

But you are going to leave me, a damn good fucking wife, and your two beautiful daughters for that.... Oh wait, nevermind, you wont actually are just going to fuck around until I finally break and divorce you.

You are a POS and not worth the tears.

crucible84 posted 5/9/2018 09:57 AM

You made me an unwitting accomplice,
Because I trusted you. You could pull the wool over my eyes and I unknowingly aided in the destruction of the life that we worked so hard to build.

You made me a victim of an abuse that I didnít know I was receiving. Yet my fealty to you still hadnít wavered.

You made me a liar. I told myself that this was my fault. That I was to blame. I lied to myself.

You made me a monster, because I experienced emotions I didnít know existed. I changed, sometimes I do not recognize myself in the mirror.

You are not a hero for leaving and living in blissful ignorance of the destruction you caused.

No, you are a villain. But, you already know that, donít you? Deep down inside, in the darkest places that you dare not go. For seeing the truth will shatter the mask you worked so hard to hide behind.

[This message edited by crucible84 at 9:58 AM, May 9th (Wednesday)]

MadOldBat posted 5/9/2018 17:54 PM


(You fat fuck)

kitty02ckb posted 5/10/2018 13:49 PM

You can send me a pic off FB with a snotty "Well that should answer your question" but it doesn't. All that pic tells me is that she didn't run the race. It doesn't tell me she wasn't in town. It doesn't account for you being MIA for hours. It doesn't explain her incoming text messages.

This is the exact shit I don't want to hear from you. I don't want to talk about that whore. I'm trying to heal myself and move on. You aren't working recovery. You are being the same old a-hole, hiding things from me and trying to make me feel bad because my gut says otherwise. Well guess what, I don't feel bad. I'm over her, and I'm over this bullshit.

Work towards recovery or watch me walk away, your choice. posted 5/11/2018 08:44 AM

How could you do this to me again ? Even if it works out for the best, how could you choose to hurt me?
I just donít understand.

WhoTheBleep posted 5/12/2018 11:40 AM

You NEVER miss an opportunity to throw a dig my way. Never. Not once. You crucify me for missing practices. (You're just pissed you've lost an opportunity to shoot me a dirty look, or snide comment.)


And THAT, Mr Bleep, is why we are divorcing. The most accurate way to know if divorce is right for you. Scooped that Lil tidbit of genius from SI. You know, the site (and wayward forum) you never found important enough to read. How'd that work out for you?

Bulldawg2010 posted 5/12/2018 14:13 PM

Today has been hard on me.
We were together for 6 years, married for 10 months.
We were looking at buying a house together, talking about starting a family together.
I still think to myself why you would destroy everything to be with this other man, one that is 13 years older than you, one who will never know or love you the way I did.

I miss the woman I married and fell in love with. But I know that you are gone. I know your enjoying life with the man you left me for while Iím struggling to find myself again.

But everyday I wake up gets a little bit easier, and one day Iíll be okay. One day I will be happy again.

I hope it was all worth it, I hope your happy.

Dragonfly123 posted 5/12/2018 15:05 PM

So... has the inevitable started again...

The texts are starting to come in and today the 'I'm missing the boys' text.

We begged you to put us first. Your son had tears flowing down his cheeks when he realised you might leave us again on your quest for 'happiness' with that bitch who calls you fanny fizz in texts, begging you to leave your family.

Are you realising you're 'in hell' without your family again?

I made a dreadful mistake taking you back last time. I caused my boys pain with my stupidity. I won't do it again.

Please fuck off and lie in the bed you and her made. We didn't deserve this. Leave us to heal.

WhoTheBleep posted 5/12/2018 16:43 PM

You're beginning to use email the same way you used texting (before I blocked you). You're drifting away from business/kids and writing things as if they won't ever be read aloud in court. Insults, criticisms, nastiness...and this gem:. "Fucking give me the [kids'] passports!!"

Oh yeah, the judge will love that one.

You can't get out of your own way.

Simplicity posted 5/14/2018 12:19 PM

I am grateful you stopped me from getting ivf... You would have been a horrible father! How you let yourself become the repulsive human being you are today proves it. I'm sure she is your soulmate,since your soul has rotten down to her level. Keep postponing this divorce, see who loses more in the end! Every month we are not divorced is another month we are married. So you are just lengthening our marriage, and I will keep asking you pay alimony for the length of the marriage. Oh, and if this continues past 2019, I get a bonus of not having to pay taxes on your blood money. BTW, every year we are not divorced is a year I will apply for another fellowship and show I am not making the attending salary that you are. I can just keep training, I don't have a problem with that!

kitty02ckb posted 5/14/2018 22:02 PM

OMG. I donít even have to search for evidence. You just leave it there for me in plain fucking sight. My gut is always right. I knew you werenít home that night. Astroglide, Halo Top ice cream and carrot cake Hershey kisses. Really? And you have the balls to charge it to our credit card?!? One day into the trial separation and you were fucking around with someone cause we both know you didnít eat the kisses or ice cream and we both know what the Astroglide was for. Maybe you werenít with Mary (though Iím pretty sure it was her given the incoming text) but it doesnít matter who cause Iím done. With a capital D!

blackmirror posted 5/15/2018 11:29 AM

It is sad to think that someone I spent 10 years of my life with will never again be a part of my life, but he is still very much alive and working just several 100 feet away from me. Itís sad to think that although he is still alive, who I thought he was, the person I thought he was is very much dead; was actually never really alive at all. I cannot for the life of me fathom why this had to be the way it went down.

You never loved me. Never truly. You loved that I loved you. You wanted me, you needed me because I loved you so much it literally hurt me to love you so much. I was just a pawn for you to play with at your whim. And if it were only me you played with, that would be bad enough. But you played with S. You played with his heart and his head. He adored you. You were his hero. You were his father figure. You loved that role. You wanted that role. You relished that role. But even then it wasnít real to you, it was still just a game to you. You were in Sís life since he was 5. Who does that to a child? Knowingly does that to a child he knows loves him. Who plays with people like that?

You said you would be with me forever. And had I not found out the depth of your lies and deception, I probably would have stayed with you over and over again. Because I didnít believe you were a bad person capable of such evil. I donít think like you do. I canít comprehend how a person could be so cruel. I thought you made mistakes, many, but I thought you had a good heart and a good soul, and you wanted to be a good person. But you have neither. You have no heart and you have a dark soul. I canít wrap my head around this. Things could have been so different. You should have talked to me. But that is not the kind of person you are. You wanted to keep me because I wouldíve stayed. Like everyone else. For your amusement. For your pleasure. Until you tired of me again. But you involved S. Thatís unforgivable.

I blame myself for staying, for ever staying all those times I should have left. I blame myself for allowing you to always pull me back in. Why did you do that when you never really cared? You did it because you need people to love you. You need it like you need air to breathe. You need admiration and attention, constant reassurance that youíre worthy. And I gave you that. Again and again. But it wasnít enough. It will never be enough. Cause you arenít worthy. So many things, so many times I allowed you to hurt me. And in doing so I allowed you to hurt S. I am completely at fault for that.

I dwell in a whole different world than you. Although I work in prison, in my personal world people donít knowingly hurt people, donít set out to hurt people, donít get pleasure out of hurting people. In my world people mean what they say, say what they mean. They donít lie and deceive, con and connive, with nothing but malicious intent. I used to think that you didnít mean harm. B used to say you just did dumb things but they didnít come from a malicious place. Yes. Yes they do. Everything you do is calculated and plotted. You play dumb but youíre very calculating. You know exactly what youíre doing. You just couldnít stand that I would call you on your lies. But what did it matter because I stayed anyway. I stayed because of hundreds of unkept promises, a ring, and a bullshit proposal that you never intended to keep. Even when you made it you knew it was a lie.

How do you sleep at night? How do you look at yourself in the mirror so much and not feel sick? How do you live with yourself knowing what an ugly person you are inside. Saying youíre fucked up is your way to not take responsibility of what you do, your responsibilities and your actions. But you are responsible. 100% responsible. You donít have to do what you do. You enjoy what you do. Hurting others validates in some sick way that you were loved. I used to tell you that the I felt so safe when I was in your arms, wrapped in your arms I felt everything would be ok. But instead of being safe, I was being used, manipulated, lied to. I was in fact in a very dangerous place and nothing would be ok.

You never meant anything that you said to me. None of your words of love were real. All of the promises you made about being there for me for S, you never meant, you knew you wouldnít, you couldnít, you had no intention. You never did. You would have been with me forever because you would have continued to use me. I was convenient. You always said you didnít want to disappoint me. You never cared about disappointing me, you just didnít want to lose my love. You need people to love you. You need that confirmation. That validation that you are worthy. But you are not. You have no worth or value other than what you can suck out of other people. I would have always been there for you. I would have always had your back. I would have always supported you.

I thought everything we went through was real. I thought this ring meant something. But when you told me to throw it away, I knew it didnít mean anything but was given just to keep me, keep my love, my validation. And then when you didnít need it anymore, when you found it somewhere else, you rejected it, tossed it aside like it never even existed. And in doing so you did that to Sís love as well. Not caring that youíre damaging a child because you donít think about damage and destroying people, you certainly canít think about any collateral damage.

I feel like Iím supposed to be feeling better. Like knowing what a monster you are, I should be over it and glad I havenít wasted any more than the 10 years that I already have. But Iím not over it. My love for you was very real. Nothing I did or said to you was fake or phony. As many times as you hurt me, I accepted you for your flaws and I loved you for them because I thought you were a genuine person. I fell for your act. You said you thought my sister used men to buy her things and take care of her, and you didnít like that. Why? Because thatís what you do. You use people. You use them emotionally and physically. You are far, far worse than those you speak of with disdain.

Just because I know that, doesnít make the true love that i had for you, doesnít make it just disappear. It makes it hurt even more because while I was loving you, you were only playing me. You would constantly tell me you loved and were in love with me. I could only love you however. I couldnít allow myself to be in love with you and for that Iím grateful. I had to protect myself after being hurt too many tines, so I didnít allow myself to fall as hard this time around. Keeping that wall of protection was difficult and I didnít like that I felt I had to, that I couldnít quite let it down again, but that is now something that I think is saving me at this point. You laid it on thick, and I bought it. I actually believed you loved me. I actually believed you (omg I feel so stupid) when you said youíve never felt love like this for anyone aside from your daughter and your mom. You had me good. You were good. Very convincing because I wanted to be convinced. I actually thought we were having a good run there. But we never had a run. It was always only a game to you for as long as you could get away with playing it. So I should be over it now that I know all this. But Iím not because it was never, ever a game to me. Especially when it came to S. It was and is still very real.

DevastatedDee posted 5/15/2018 20:33 PM

You say you couldn't live up to my standards. I ask which ones, and you say "Saint".

Seriously. That's what you said. Clearly I had some pretty low standards if I wound up in a marriage with a man who would sleep with prostitutes and smoke crack. WTF man? Yes, after rehab and DDay, my "saintly" standards are to have a husband who doesn't drink and do drugs and sleep with other people. on earth could I ever expect to find a man who meets such lofty standards?? Hell, the drinking one is only particular to you because you're a freakin' alcoholic. Alcoholic you thought it was perfectly okay to sleep with prostitutes, so I don't like that guy very much and he was not allowed to be back into my life. You know, with my "saintly" standards and such.

What do you lose your job, get busted drinking and smoking pot, then go on a crack binge, I kick you out and the problem is that my standards are too high? That is absolutely freakin' hilarious. You poor victim. Yes, show me who you are. Keep it up. It helps me more than you know.

I have never in my life been so wrong about a person. It shames me.

WhoTheBleep posted 5/18/2018 10:53 AM

Hey Fuckface! Me again! You "have no money?". You're "fucking broke"??? You are still a fucking liar!! You don't want to pay child support, because you're "broke" but you want to take the kids to Disney for the THIRD TIME in 8 months!!! And rent a house in NC for a week!!!

My fucking roof is leaking!! $3000 to fix it! My meager savings acct is disappearing before my eyes! I can't even afford the local zoo, and you're on your 3rd Disney trip.

I fucking HATE YOU. You selfish FUCK!!! I am going to filet you in court. Fuck you!!!

Hey Disneyland Dad! YOU can reschedule the kids' dentist appt that I booked weeks ago, since it interferes with Donald and Mickey time.

Fuck you, Fuckface. Worthless piece of shit.

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