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Wife starting new job today...

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strugglebus posted 10/29/2017 17:10 PM

Mojo sent! I will say that my H's affair happened when he wasn't required to be somewhere 8 hours a day so him getting a job was a comfort. Always a good idea to reevaluate boundaries when starting up a new job. I'm sure this is the beginning of something good!

While you are collecting recipes - if you have a crockpot, my favorite easy dinner is just to throw some chicken breasts in it with jar of whatever salsa y'all like (I like the verde esp) and then let it go for 8 hrs on low. Serve on tortillas.

You can add sliced peppers, onions or whatever you fancy.I like to put a lime cut in half in there personally. It's easy as pie and can be varied so you never get bored.

Want2BHappyAgain posted 10/29/2017 17:13 PM

Mushrooms in chili...I've never had that before . Our daughter invited me for chili at their house last night...and it was delicious!! Her secret ingredient was brown sugar...and it enhanced the chili well .

OrdinaryDude posted 10/29/2017 18:42 PM

The beer is what makes mine work, lol.

OrdinaryDude posted 10/29/2017 18:45 PM

On a side note, the wife will be starting CNA training in a couple of weeks instead of next year...they like her that much already.

Iím a little proud of her.

sisoon posted 10/30/2017 10:44 AM


Want2BHappyAgain posted 10/30/2017 10:59 AM

NICE !!!

OrdinaryDude posted 11/14/2017 20:34 PM

So she's a few weeks in and starting the training now...she loves it!

The only downside is her schedule for the time being doesn't mesh well with mine so we only see each other for an hour or so after she gets home and before I leave...but it's only temporary.

They seem to like her more everyday, but I'm not surprised at all...she is a caring and sweet person that is suited to this work, and she's easy on the eyes too, even in scrubs.

dostl10 posted 11/14/2017 20:46 PM

Good stuff! I'm harsh on the eyes scrubs or not.

OrdinaryDude posted 11/14/2017 20:56 PM


Want2BHappyAgain posted 11/14/2017 21:23 PM

Awesome update...thanks for sharing !!!

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