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T/j worst gift ever

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Lionne posted 12/19/2017 15:03 PM

From a spouse or SO...

A HUNK of raw turquoise wrapped with a band of yellow gold, really yellow, as a necklace. about 3" in diameter. Far too huge for me.

Second place, a blow up kayak, knowing I don't go in the ocean EVER (I won't swim in water fish poop in ) and I dislike boats unless they have a dining room and spa.

My sister's was best though. She is EXTREMELY fancy, never gets the mail without makeup. She woke one Christmas morning to a 10 foot red canoe in her 8 foot living room.

We sisters must put off a water vibe to clueless husbands m

MadOldBat posted 12/19/2017 17:40 PM

I was the furious recipient of an ironing board from STBXWH one early Christmas........
I threw it in the back garden - and refused to do any ironing EVER AGAIN (not joking).

My Mum gave me a can of "spray on tights" one year.
Very odd!

feelingthenoose posted 12/19/2017 18:21 PM

Spray on tights?! I must give to my daughter! *heads to amazon*

Lionne posted 12/19/2017 18:24 PM

Maddy, that's too funny. I'd have tossed the ironing board, too.
But once I asked for a got a ladder, because, you know, short me did most of the chores.

But spray on tights?! Sort of like that spray fuzz they market for balding?! I can't imagine...

Edited to add: Oh, I just saw them! "Tights in a Tin!"

[This message edited by Lionne at 6:27 PM, December 19th (Tuesday)]

imagoodwitch posted 12/19/2017 18:26 PM

A trash compactor.

Yes, a trash compactor all for me

I’ve wanted to post about EXH’s stellar gift giving skills on the post in general.

Too_Trusting posted 12/19/2017 18:36 PM

My idiot ex-H (WS) seemed to give me gifts that HE wanted. Among those, I've received:

a. new speakers for my car
b. photo printer

Please note that I never, ever asked for either of those things. HE wanted better speakers in my car, and being a techie, HE wanted that printer as well.

Glad to be rid of his inconsiderate ass.

Jls0320 posted 12/19/2017 18:52 PM

One year while dating, ex WH wrapped things he found in the garage or in storage (can’t remember) because he wanted me to have items to open on Xmas. Not sure why he didn’t just go get me a gift

million pieces posted 12/19/2017 19:51 PM

My ex MIL (when she was my actual MIL) gave me a gift card to CVS with the words written, "pamper yourself" that she wrote to me. I never could figure out if it was serious or not

HFSSC posted 12/19/2017 22:28 PM

My X-WH gave me clothes that were 3 sizes too small. When I opened them in front of his family, he said it was "incentive to lose that weight."

Our baby was 2 months old.

bookworm19 posted 12/20/2017 06:02 AM

My SO is actually a great gift giver, no complaints, better than me. I'm very good at wrapping gifts.

My kind of MIL on the other hand is not a very thoughtful gift giver, so I don't expect too much, but sometimes I really don't know, what is going on in her head: once she gave me some underwear, which she obviously bought for herself, and once I got a toothbrush. It would be funny if she had I tiniest shred of sense of humor. I'm still laughing every time I remember opening it. First, I thought it was a pen, I would like to be given a pen and a notebook, yes, I'm that low maintenance

I hope, you all get the best gifts this Christmas.

redstick posted 12/20/2017 11:51 AM

A carburetor for my car...I'm a girlie.

Jls0320 posted 12/20/2017 12:41 PM

Oh man I forgot about my ex MIL. She would get nice gifts for others, me XXL bugs bunny pajama pants one year. I wore a small, when I went to exchange them they were purchased for like $3.59 on clearance. The woman never did like me

yewtree posted 12/20/2017 12:47 PM

A pan.
Decoy ducks.
1 pot holder on my birthday
Matching pot holder for Christmas

Birthday dinner from Taco Bell.

IrishGirlVA posted 12/20/2017 12:57 PM

Last year I got a socket wrench kit. I struggled just trying to open the case.

I could re-gift it but I have a feeling that is how I wound up with it. Someone needs to end the madness. So I turned it into a doorstop.

Myname posted 12/20/2017 15:17 PM

My Mom got me a ladies watch once. I'm guessing she didn't mean to but it did have pink on it.

I also got an inexpensive remote controlled car from my parents a few years ago. I think they forgot how old I was.

Overall I've gotten pretty good gifts over the years. So I can't complain.

DebraVation posted 12/20/2017 15:26 PM

Not an SO, but my mum got me a scarf one year. Then the following year she gave me exactly the same scarf again. When I pointed out that she'd already bought me one the same, she said "Oh right, well I did think it would suit you...".

Lionne posted 12/20/2017 17:16 PM

These are great. Clever use of a regifted socket set, clearance undies, toys.

BTW Noname, I simply HAVE to get my adult sons some sort of toy each Christmas.

But this!

My X-WH gave me clothes that were 3 sizes too small. When I opened them in front of his family, he said it was "incentive to lose that weight

He'd have lost some anatomy at that point.

jrc1963 posted 12/20/2017 17:57 PM

Growing up my step-family (Step-dad's family) got me one gift every year... While every one else was pile diving into a mound of presents I usually got one little box filled with the same Kmart brand junk jewelry that was way too small for me to wear.

My SO doesn't surprise me with gifts, I have to buy my own, wrap them then give them to him to give to me... Fun.

At this point I just buy myself whatever I want, when I want it and don't bother waiting for presents.

Bigger posted 12/20/2017 18:21 PM

Telescopic carbon trekking poles that even when fully extended were too short for me. My wife was/is into trekking and she takes power-walks with her best friend twice weekly. When I join her, I prefer having both hands free so I don’t use poles and she knew that.
I had planned on returning them but a week after Christmas my wife goes for her walk with her BFF – with the BFF using my poles.

I got my revenge though… I took one pole but left the other where she stores her walking-gear. I then made some adjustments and use it as a wading-staff when fishing. Didn’t tell my wife and she spent quite some time thinking one was lost…

cantaccept posted 12/20/2017 20:28 PM

For my birthday, from x, I received a layaway receipt for a bedframe. If I wanted it I would have had to pay the balance. He had just been fired.

The next year, the bedframe, in a cardboard box in my living room.

I have received so many bad gifts!

At least I never got the spray on tights!

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