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Anyone Else a Thread-killer?

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DragnHeart posted 3/3/2019 18:19 PM

Ha. Ha. Ha...

Well I guess that makes it easier to count beans.

Tallgirl posted 3/5/2019 06:34 AM

Happy Tuesday

DragnHeart posted 3/5/2019 06:47 AM

And...Pancake Tuesday to boot. I think it will be crepes for us. I just lack the cottage cheese that I like in mine. Owell. Lol

Tallgirl posted 3/6/2019 19:34 PM

Hello. I killed another thread. My alter ego is KOD. Kiss of death.

NTV. Did the ap name on TP. I so enjoyed it. Leaving a pen in the bathroom until I die.

Notthevictem posted 3/7/2019 05:34 AM

It's weird that it works, isn't it?

DragnHeart posted 3/7/2019 06:15 AM

Did the ap name on TP

Omg I'm so slow these days!!!

I thought it was some sort of phone APP and then I spent some time trying to figure out TP....Omg.

Hmmmmm. Seems like a good idea. Going to do that today. Unfortunately I'll have a different name for every sheet.

So yesterday Big D (twin b) was home sick. After the throwing up stopped he started playing with a toy bin and came to me with a large marble. When I asked to see it he said "ok but mommy I need it for my octopus". Omg I nearly died laughing. Octopus ball....hahaha

Notthevictem posted 3/8/2019 15:20 PM

So how was it dh?

DragnHeart posted 3/8/2019 16:37 PM

How was what?

Tallgirl posted 3/9/2019 15:15 PM

Anyone seen Brene Brown’s Ted Talks? I think I am a fan.

Autocorrect sucks.

[This message edited by Tallgirl at 3:16 PM, March 9th (Saturday)]

DragnHeart posted 3/9/2019 15:31 PM

I'm more of a True Facts viewer. He's so funny.

My phone always changes what I type. I end up spending more time fixing words than typing the original message.

Cephastion posted 3/10/2019 14:24 PM

DH, you can change that in the settings. The keyboard apps have settings for autocorrect and other things that can be turned off or adjusted.

Also, I often use speech to text and that prevents much of the spell checker issues.

Just ask Google how to turn off or adjust the autocorrect or spell checker settings for your app.

I think some phones have it in the phone settings as well.

[This message edited by Cephastion at 2:25 PM, March 10th (Sunday)]

DragnHeart posted 3/10/2019 19:05 PM

Ok well I've played with all the settings for the keyboard. Hopefully it helps.

Cephastion posted 3/10/2019 20:56 PM

So maybe you should test it out some.

Like tell us the story about the footprints in the windshield of your brothers car or... Your favorite song and why it is your favorite... Or why you chose your husband instead of any of the other fellows that treated you better by your own admission.

DragnHeart posted 3/11/2019 09:18 AM

Like tell us the story about the footprints in the windshield of your brothers car

It was a joke. And back in the days when I was actually flexible enough to get my feet up there.

or... Your favorite song and why it is your favorite...

Don't have one. I like a variety of music but no one songs stands out as my favourite.

Or why you chose your husband instead of any of the other fellows that treated you better by your own admission.

We had more in common than any of the other guys i dated. I dated for them, not myself. One was all about buying me things to show his love. When I met WH there was something that went off in me that he was the one. We enjoyed each other's company, shared hobbies, in the early days could talk to eachother. We were engaged when I got pregnant. Marriage was demanded my both families before the baby came. Things went to shut after that...

I think Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it's March and snow/ice storms with 70km winds isn't supposed to be a thing anymore....But it is today and I have to drive two friggin hours for the kids doc appointment this afternoon. Joy!

Tallgirl posted 3/11/2019 19:22 PM

Interesting how we pick our partners eh....

So , let's compare fun stories as we try to take this thread to 50 pages.

Share your biggest crazy teenage story...

I personally drove through the ditch TWICE on my high school grad night. After I drove in the first time, someone drove me out, and I drove right back in. After they got me out the second time, I drove to my girlfriends. Yep, that was my last brain cell.

Yep, not so elegant for a "titled" girl.

Made my cop daddy so proud. Not really. Earned a substantive grounding for that...

[This message edited by Tallgirl at 7:23 PM, March 11th (Monday)]

Notthevictem posted 3/12/2019 20:20 PM

Yeah. My parents decided they liked the word restriction better than grounded. So nope never got grounded. Sure did get put on restrictions though.

Best part of being grounded was when they took the car keys and the best ride was 120 mins. I'd ask girls on the bus for a back rub like or to practice kissing with me. I'd say 'this is gonna sound weird but I'm not sure I'm a good kisser. You feel like telling me?' Made the best of it up know?

Tallgirl posted 3/12/2019 21:29 PM

Impressive line. More impressive it worked. Where did you live that your ride to school was two hours. Ouch. I lived in the middle of not much and it was no more that an hour.

We played euchre on the bus. That sounds boring now.

[This message edited by Tallgirl at 5:08 PM, March 13th (Wednesday)]

Notthevictem posted 3/15/2019 19:16 PM


Tallgirl posted 3/15/2019 20:40 PM

Hey what. Lol

Cephastion posted 3/15/2019 22:42 PM

I guess I have a fair number of crazy teenage stories particularly considering how very "conservative" and Christian I was even back then.

Which one do you wanna hear first?

One that involves lightning or shotguns or machetes or being jailed or pseudo-impaled or getting expelled or first encounter with being filled with supernatural power or venomous snakes or the ball busting goat rodeo or suicidal attempts by dogs that failed or ones by rabbits that DIDN'T fail or my one and only blind date or mechanics from heaven or "the babysitter" or retreads or Enduro or summer camp or the DC coven or the exorcism that got away or the one that DIDN'T or the girl I accidentally turned into a lesbian or the village rapist or "blessed (collision/linguistic-ability) insurance" or special ed or prom night or dance off or "surrogate father" bowling alley train race at 2am
or Chevy chain gang or Little House on the Prairie meets Hill Street Blues or the Mass sales-or-bail incentive or liquor-makes-ya-quicker when you're $1 richer...?

[This message edited by Cephastion at 10:44 PM, March 15th (Friday)]

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