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Anyone Else a Thread-killer?

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Notthevictem posted 4/5/2019 06:01 AM

Thank you ceph for that wonderful imagery! I now know what mystical embodiment I need to aspire to. This seems like the advanced version of assless chaps Halloween costume, and if there's ever an si gtg on that holiday you all will know me by the rattle of glued on googly eyes.

Step. Rattle. Step. Rattle. Step. Rattle.

This is the type of monster that doesn't scare children. Or really normal people. No, this is the nightmare creature that haunts those who lean too far in the direction of 'polite society' those who believe that one look of disgust is sufficient to belittle anyone too crass for their liking. To those who have forgotten we are all human and we all poop. Yes, that is those few that maintain a rigid stick within their backside! To you, I shall be your undoing! I shall be your nightmare! I am coming for you in the still of the night while you feel safe and comfortable!


Tallgirl posted 4/7/2019 15:54 PM

Peeps I need some giggles. Had a crap week.

DragnHeart posted 4/7/2019 15:57 PM

There's some good giggles down in F&G for Friday's SPF.

I'm having a shit weekend...Need a stiff drink lol

Notthevictem posted 4/7/2019 17:55 PM

Man, I was hoping my evil villian monologue would net me the title here. Guess it's back to the drawing board...

silverhopes posted 4/7/2019 19:23 PM

There's something deeply enjoyable about reading an evil laugh. More evil laughter! More cackling!!!!!

Hg65 posted 4/7/2019 20:14 PM

I had a streak for so long that I quit posting. I half expect this to be the last one here... 😆

Hg65 posted 4/7/2019 20:29 PM

Oh címon guys!!

Notthevictem posted 4/7/2019 21:37 PM

Not happening hg lol

Hg65 posted 4/7/2019 21:41 PM


DragnHeart posted 4/8/2019 05:02 AM

What Emoji did you use Hg65???

Just looks like a box to me.

Hg65 posted 4/8/2019 09:34 AM

Really?! I wonder if all of them do that? From my phone.

Crap. It was the laughing one. Thanks for telling me. I wonít use them anymore.

DragnHeart posted 4/8/2019 09:40 AM

No no no....Use them. It just may be ME that can't see them..

I use the ones from this site at the bottom under Submit Message.

little turtle posted 4/8/2019 10:17 AM

hg, I can see it!!

Notthevictem posted 4/8/2019 10:43 AM

I saw it too, fwiw.

DragnHeart posted 4/8/2019 10:52 AM

Poomp!!! Why can't I see it?!?

That's not fair!

Hissy fit!

I wanna see...Lmao.

So if we use the emojis from the keyboard on our phones it may or may not show up here on other people's screens...Or just mine. Cause my phone sucks. Geez....Lol.

I was having issues sending texts to WH. The phone would stall, messages wouldn't send but then come all at once an hour later. Tech support called me to help out three days in a row. Guy finally says it's got to be the fact your phone is so old. Can you buy a new one... Ha... I said no I need a washer first. He said ok well once you get the washer and have some money come to the store and we will find you a new phone...But all the new Android phones are running $600+. Omg.

Hg65 posted 4/8/2019 11:19 AM

Get it together DragnHeart!

(Laughing emoji.).

DragnHeart posted 4/8/2019 11:25 AM

Oh. Can't I have a hissy fit now and then lol

It's Monday
I have a four year old home sick.
Barf is worse than runny nose!!! (barfing emoji)

Of course when I have No washer is the time the kids barf all over AND pee themselves in the process....

My tub is one big washer right now. Lol. Hand washing sucks!
Squeezing water out of clothes is even worse!

So ya I'm losing it today. And that's Ok.

(sticking out tongue emoji) hahahahahahaha

DragnHeart posted 4/8/2019 15:53 PM

How long after you post does a thread have to remain inactive before you get the title of thread killer?

Does it have to end up on page two first?

Be inactive for a day, week, month?

Looks like I killed one....Just waiting to see if anyone else posts. If not I'll be doing the thread killer happy dance lmao

little turtle posted 4/8/2019 15:59 PM

I haven't heard of any official rules.

DragnHeart posted 4/8/2019 16:29 PM

Ok thanks.

The thread I F&G is to the last post. Winner or "thread killer" is whoever posts last and no other posts can be made.

Not sure if there's rules on the killing of threads in other forums. Doesn't matter. Someone posted again so I didn't kill it lol

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