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Anyone Else a Thread-killer?

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Notthevictem posted 6/4/2019 16:10 PM

Are you questioning my fartegrity?

Chili posted 6/4/2019 16:17 PM

Oh dear. Never. Your fartegrity is admirable for sure. Just pointing out how you seem to prefer the aroma of your own bull..err...I mean your own farts to anyone else's. Which I suspect is pretty much a given, yes?

Notthevictem posted 6/4/2019 19:13 PM


Greeneyesbluezy posted 6/4/2019 22:19 PM

Oh, give it up NTV!!

You’ll never have the last word here!

I am the thread Killer.

SimplyRed posted 6/5/2019 15:10 PM

I could say me, me, me... but my question as I have had this happen three times now is are you a forum killer? May it never happen here and probably why I read more than write.

Chili posted 6/5/2019 15:18 PM

SimplyRed: Wowser. You actually killed an entire forum 3 times? As in you posted something in "General" and...Poof! the whole thing disappeared? Those are some serious killing powers indeed!

DragnHeart posted 6/5/2019 15:21 PM

There's what 527? posts on this thread so far?

Still a ways to go before it dies...I'm just sitting in the background waiting for the end to be near. Then I'll get the thread killer title bawhahaha (evil laugh)

Muggle posted 6/5/2019 21:11 PM

There are times when we all post and we feel like it's some odd audition to a game show that we suck at. We can post something that isn't the most important thing on our mind, and it gets dozens of replies, but our serious real question gets a handful of replies and disappears into the abyss of page 5+, never to be seen again.

Behold, I give you a potential sacrifice...threads where I

Tallgirl posted 6/6/2019 04:00 AM

I wonder how many of these posts are fart focussed. Probably a good percentage!,

Unhinged posted 6/6/2019 19:03 PM

Farts are serious business. Without the ability to fart we'd all explode.

Tallgirl posted 6/8/2019 07:35 AM

I thought that was what was happening when you fart. 😉

I found a giraffe icon Yeah --- I'm the only one who can see it. embarrassed giggle


[This message edited by Tallgirl at 4:17 PM, June 10th (Monday)]

Cephastion posted 6/14/2019 11:16 AM

I think if I was manufacturing and marketing periscopes, I would make the giraffe my company logo/trademark icon.

pureheartkit posted 6/14/2019 21:59 PM

Ceph, that's very clever.

How can they eat those thorny branches?

I saw a show on owls. They have amazing flexible necks and can raise and lower their heads and what about turtles and tortoises that flex in and out of the shell.

We had a guest tortoise we called cruiser. She came down the street and spent the winter in a neighbor's garage, then escaped and continued down to our garden. We had her here for 3 months then found her owners two blocks away. It took some work talking to everyone to put her story together. She ate all my dandelions and she liked strawberry tops. I'm glad we were able to find her family. She loved to climb brick steps and over obstacles like rocks or ramps. It was a challenge for her and she loved patrolling the perimeter of the back garden and working on climbing up to high rock piles we set up for her.

She could really stretch that neck out for a strawberry.

Wool94 posted 6/14/2019 23:17 PM

Wool94 posted 6/14/2019 23:19 PM

That's for you Ntv!

Chili posted 6/24/2019 23:46 PM

Loves me some Python...

Tallgirl posted 7/6/2019 06:18 AM

Omg. We were on page 2.

Tallgirl posted 7/7/2019 22:06 PM

Ok folks, I have a knack for the ridiculous. I become the ridiculous. So last week we had an event at work. It was hot and humid so I was wiping my face and forehead with a napkin.. A coworker told me I had some napkin in my face. A 3x3 piece of napkin fell On the table.

So embarrassed. It was like having a half of a banana in my teeth.

Chili posted 7/8/2019 19:41 PM

Tallgirl: there is nothing wrong with a little napkin on your face. As far as paper products go, that one isn't particularly mortifying.

I'm more interested in how you get a half a banana stuck in your teeth. Is this a common misfortune? I keep trying to picture it...can't help it - keep giggling about it.

Tallgirl posted 7/8/2019 21:06 PM

Chili, search Naked Gun - Banana Scene on YouTube.

Too funny

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