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Anyone Else a Thread-killer?

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steadychevy posted 4/2/2020 19:29 PM

Actually more now, Dragn, up here in Candylanda northern Alberta quadrant. Got another 15 cm or so a day ago. Sunny today but more snow forecast for tomorrow. And cold. -28 C this morning with a wind.

But the geese can't be wrong. I think Ceph might be remembering loading up my geese into squadrons with rapid fire shit shells and aiming them south.

Notthevictem posted 4/16/2020 00:06 AM

Training geese to poop on target was difficult. Please see my line of instructional youtube videos if you plan to do so. Gaurenteed to save you at least 2 hours.

Chili posted 5/13/2020 15:24 PM

Hey fellow thread-killers. Thought I'd pop on for one of my recently-even-more-random SI check-ins. Spring was here for a quick minute, then it went into hiding like the rest of us.

For a bit of good news - SO's close buddy was finally released from the ICU after 34 days. The last ditch plasma treatments were the winner. Landmark moment in these here parts. Wanted to share with someone other than the pup (he's the best daily companion ever, but I get the same eager look no matter what I say).

Chili posted 5/18/2020 17:49 PM

Dang - I can even manage to kill a thread with uplifting news. I. So. Win.

Tallgirl posted 5/18/2020 22:31 PM

Saw a wonderful meme today...

Picture of. Serene lake.

Me: always be kind, you never know the difficulties someone has to deal with in their lives.

Me also: nice right hand turning signal, not, ASSHOLE.

Totally tickled my funny bone today.

thatbpguy posted 5/19/2020 11:57 AM

bumpity-bump-bump, bump-bump

Chili posted 6/14/2020 21:50 PM

bumpity-bump-bump, bump-bump

This is an unacceptable thread-killer move.

DragnHeart posted 6/15/2020 00:53 AM

This is an unacceptable thread-killer move

Ya but it's funny. Gave me a chuckle.

steadychevy posted 6/21/2020 07:38 AM

First attempt to kill a thread this summer.

Greeneyesbluesy hasn't been around for a while. Hope all is well with her.

silverhopes posted 6/21/2020 15:31 PM

Chili, I'm glad to hear the news about your SO's friend! Hope he is still recovering well!

I have to admit, I'm a little surprised this thread is still alive. What say we kill it?

DragnHeart posted 6/21/2020 18:26 PM

"Killing a thread" is making it to the max number of posts. (At least that's my take on it).

So post away. I think the max is 999 and if that's true then we have a ways to go.

Chili posted 6/21/2020 19:38 PM

Love it when the die hards show up. Haven't seen the steady or the silver for a while (Dragon never shuts up so I get to "see" her pretty much every time I'm on).

Is it finally something resembling Summer up thataway Chevy?

How're things Silver? (Hopefully your meese problem got sorted). SO's friend continues to recover - it's a slow go but all positive still - thanks for the shout out!

I've been wondering about Greenzy as well as several others around here. I wonder if many people find themselves in a much different place than they were at the beginning of the year.

I think the Mods have allowed us to keep this most random of threads open because it's a fine place to actually have that random moment on SI (and of course they know I'll prevail as the ultimate thread-killer one day...soon?)

silverhopes posted 6/21/2020 22:29 PM

Hi Chili!!!!

The mice problem is getting better, but not complete. I live with a family member who tends to buy a lot of stuff, so whenever I succeed in getting part of home cleaned up, about 15 more packages come in the mail. And then she complains about all the stuff we have and wants to poke through and throw away my things. So... It means that moving all the stuff to check for mouse holes to plug is slow-going.

I've held true to my boundaries with my ex. Haven't gotten divorced yet, was just trying to take some space. My family member has been pressuring me to talk to him, and today is Father's Day, so I sadly let the pressure get to me. :( But he said something unexpected that gives me hope - he said that if I decide I want to be alone and we just remain friends, then that's OK. I mean, I thought I was pretty clear in October that I was done, but hearing him willing to let go is... Well, it makes me a little hopeful. Though still apprehensive.

Aside from that, still sheltering in place. Miss my work like crazy - I haven't gotten to do habitat restoration work or take care of the work garden since March. :( Been doing online nature journaling and illustrations, though - filled up a whole notebook in a month and a half!! So I'm thankful for that.

I miss human touch.

How are you all doing?

[This message edited by silverhopes at 10:29 PM, June 21st (Sunday)]

steadychevy posted 6/22/2020 05:42 AM

Yes, we have had our one day of summer, Chili. Actually to day is supposed to be 24C. We've been below seasonal temperatures all spring. But the grass is green. The cows are grazing.

Candyman66 posted 6/22/2020 09:23 AM

OK I guess it's my turn to try and kill this thing.

We have about 365 days of a very temperate summer with a few rainy summer days. I have seen pictures of this thing you call "snow" but very little experience (except in other states).

I live in San Diego

Have a great day.

DragnHeart posted 6/22/2020 11:15 AM

(Dragon never shuts up so I get to "see" her pretty much every time I'm on).


I'll switch! You can come deal with the horses and 30+ degrees not including humidity and I'll come deal with cows and the less than average temps! Lol. Had the AC on and it was still hot in the house.

steadychevy posted 6/22/2020 13:06 PM

No thanks, Dragn. I was at the University of Guelph in 1974 (pre metric days) at the International Farm Management Congress in July. A week of 96F with 95 to 98 humidity. I just about died. You can watch corn grow, though.

I don't have air conditioning for the 3 days a summer you might need it. With heat you can only strip to naked. With cold and snow you can put more layers on.

Bad mosquitoes. Feeding a summer range mineral to my cattle with garlic. It's supposed to help repel the mosquitoes.

DragnHeart posted 6/22/2020 13:44 PM

Hmmm I think I'll try garlic with the goats. All around that area is nothing but mosquitoes and its brutal. Of course the horse ans deer flies are just awful. I tried to put fly spray on thr horses and my mare gave me a look then raised her leg as a warning. Spray me again and I'm kicking you. The others saw the bottle and ran.

It's not sunny today but the muggy is killing...omg. sweat is just dripping off and I haven't done much. Sitting with the goslings as they wander and graze. Might just have to take a dip in the pool.

Seems every other year or so its brutal heat and drought. That's what they are predicting for us here.

silverhopes posted 6/22/2020 15:59 PM

Steadychevy and Dragnheart: I'm guessing you two are in completely different areas of Canada. I didn't know there were areas of the northern hemisphere beneath the arctic circle with negative temperatures during the summer. Holy monkeys! And the grass is green... no snow, then? So I'm guessing it's that brutally cold, clear weather then...

How badly do the mosquitos affect the cattle, horses, and goats? And is it not temperature dependent? They're around all the seasons?

I apologize for my ignorance. I want to know more!

[This message edited by silverhopes at 4:02 PM, June 22nd (Monday)]

steadychevy posted 6/22/2020 15:59 PM

There used to be a mitt that you could wipe repellant on with, Dragn. The spray does freak some horses out. Some don't like the mitt either but if they've been curried and brushed they're more tolerant. But it has a smell so that might be it.

Enough of this and everyone will be bored to tears and I will be the official threadkiller.

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