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justabrokendream posted 10/21/2019 23:15 PM

Holy Cow, look at my member number. 22 years? I held on for 5. Yeah - I say "Done".

Odonna posted 10/27/2019 17:43 PM

I do hear your pain. But reading so many of your posts I see the same thing happening over and over.

He got so so ugly. Said things to me I cannot believe COMPLETELY rewrote our history and told me right from the beginning I was a nerdy loser who stalked him and his friends and him laughed at me. Not true. At all. And so much more. And delivered in this smirking triumphant way that was chilling.

He has abused you continuously for your entire marriage. We only know him through your words but it is manifestly clear. And you, who are so brilliant and organized and competent in the rest of your life, make excuses for him due to your own insecurities. It does not matter how kind he was to your dying mother if he humiliates you in daily life. And he does. You do not specify what horrible things he said this time, but you should. Write down everything he said and post it here and ask for input about whether he loves you and whether you should stay. You know the answers you will get, which is why you did not share the details already.

I feel terrible for your pain, but I also want to grab you by your shoulders and shake you!

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demolishedinside posted 10/27/2019 18:14 PM

Iím here, standing next to you and sending you strength for this next step. You know in your heart what to do. Itís just so damn hard. But you can. You can do it. One step forward.

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Odonna posted 11/8/2019 08:59 AM

So how has the last fortnight gone? Has your realization about who he really is lasted? Are you taking steps to get out of infidelity?

I am concerned about you.

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