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Wedding Bells for Ohforamewme!

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Questioningall posted 10/31/2019 16:18 PM

Congratulations and I hope you’ll have a lovely day on Sunday (and many more thereafter!)

Odonna posted 10/31/2019 17:21 PM

Again, he is in the hospital as the clock counts down to his long-awaited nuptials. I have not heard any more as yet. Very worried....

Lowlow posted 10/31/2019 18:15 PM

Sending healing vibes from the great white north to Ohfora. I'm sad to hear he is sick so close to his wedding.

I'm not a religious person, but I am praying for him and his family.

BearlyBreathing posted 10/31/2019 18:20 PM

Sending all the positive vibes in the universal....

Odonna posted 10/31/2019 18:22 PM

I look up at the immense sky. This is my primary therapy. I am always reminded how small and temporary we are. We exist for a brief exhalation in this glorious Universe. We are but a cog.

JanetS posted 10/31/2019 18:26 PM

I will pray now and continue to pray for Ohforanewme. I know he has a lot of people, in real life and here online, sending him best wishes for him to rally for the big day. How frightening this must be to him and his loved ones.

squid posted 10/31/2019 19:20 PM


Can someone explain what the acronyms mean that aren't commonly used here?

MMS - Mushroom Meltdown Saviour
DDF - Darling Daughter's Friend

This post is both beautiful and sad. I hope you are enjoying your life, ohfor. Sending love and positive vibes to you from the Sunshine State.

Shockedmom posted 10/31/2019 20:10 PM

Sending good wishes, healing energy and a little good juju for a lovely wedding wherever it is.

susieque2 posted 10/31/2019 20:25 PM

Peace, Love and Healing energy is beaming to you my dear, dear man --- so much love you have shared with all of us here - know that we are all praying for you!

Odonna posted 10/31/2019 20:57 PM

For those who do not know the back story, OhFor’s DD - then 16- sent him to the grocery store a few months after he kicked WW out, to buy ingredients for dinner. Mushrooms... but what kind? Flummoxed by the array of options, our dear friend was bewildered and paralyzed. MMS knew him slightly as the mom of a kid in the same school system as his DD. She saw his dillemma and offered to help. Ended up on the phone with DD figuring it out. They later went for coffee... it grew.... he adopted her daughter some months ago.

DDF is a dear friend of DD. Her father cheated and in the exit affair effectively disowned his child while she was entering college. OhFor made sure the deadbeat dad paid for her tuition and healthcare. And he helped her get into the university program. Her mom is a caterer.

OhFor is fortunate to be blessed with worldly wealth. But he is much more blessed with personal wealth. He is a very fine human being. That is the best thing I can ever say about someone.

[This message edited by Odonna at 6:48 AM, November 1st (Friday)]

squid posted 10/31/2019 21:04 PM

OhFor is fortunate to be blessed with worldly wealth. But he is much more blessed with personal wealth. He is a very fine human being. That is the best thing I can ever say about someone.

I could not agree more.

20yrsagoBS posted 10/31/2019 21:11 PM


pureheartkit posted 10/31/2019 23:37 PM

Ohfor we are all thinking of you. Your story is a light for all of us. Your kindness touches so many lives. I'm thankful you came here and I'm wishing you and your family never-ending happiness and love. Thanks for sharing the news of your wedding. We all wish you a long lifetime of contentment and joy.

Odonna posted 11/1/2019 06:41 AM

He is still in the hospital but MMS is very confident he will be released for the wedding..... Let us hope.

JanetS posted 11/1/2019 10:44 AM

Thank goodness for this update. I know that ohforanewme is still a very ill man. But that marriage was something he is so excited about, and can do nothing but good for him. It will add great happiness into his life, and solidify his new family. My thoughts/prayers continue to be upon him.

solus sto posted 11/2/2019 10:20 AM

What wonderful news! Congratulations!

Odonna posted 11/2/2019 12:24 PM

OhFor is married! Plans changed but it worked out brilliantly!

I am elated! Ecstatic!

Look up at the sky and you will see me dancing all the girls and women in my life across the sky and around all the celestial bodies.

I am walking on air.

I am soaring.

I am a husband again!

MMS'S husband.

She organised the wedding for last night in the hospital. Everything that I described to you took place. Just, it was in the corridor of the ward and not on our patio.

All the friends were there. They all came. And all my doctors and their partners. And of course all the other patients in the ward and their visitors were included as well. And all the ward staff.

J and Mom made the place look beautiful with flowers. There was not a single patient in the entire wing that did not have flowers next to their bed. The nurses station looked like the Chelsea flower show.

They sat me on a chair at the end of the ward passage and all the rest was just as planned, except the string ensemble had a prior booking for Friday night, but that was no problem at all.

The music was provided by the hospital staff choir. If you have ever heard an African Choir you will be getting goosebumps right now. Literally sounds like angels singing, and the harmony just comes naturally. They sang MMS down the isle and at every chance they got. Some just for me, telling me I am the bravest of warriors.

No wedding has ever been this wonderful. And the feast was enjoyed by most of the hospital. Little raiding parties were sent out by the other hospital wings. There was enough for all.

And then the choir decided to sing some more, simply because they were so filled with joy.

When everyone finally left, MMS climbed into the skinny hospital bed and we just hugged and cried and laughed.

That is how we spent the night. She is not leaving my side. I had to sneak into the toilet to write this. Not that I am complaining about being with my wife.


Doesn't that just sound wonderful.

Booyah posted 11/2/2019 13:32 PM

Reading this brought tears!!

Nobody deserves this more than ohfor!!!

Thanks for passing this along.

This just makes me smile.

JanetS posted 11/2/2019 14:00 PM

Completely and absolutely beautiful. Love is powerful, I can feel it right through the words.


Odonna posted 11/2/2019 14:14 PM

OhFor has a special gift as a writer.

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