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What's the worse piece of "advice"...

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Joanna1013 posted 4/29/2020 22:31 PM

Funnily enough, the worst advice I got actually came from the other woman.

Before I found out about who she really was, they tried to force us all to be friends. We were out drinking and hanging out, and she told me she was polyamorous. That night, my husband and I got in a fight, and he told me that he too was polyamorous.

Polyamory isn't exactly something I could turn to just anyone to talk about, so I stupidly reached out to OW. At that moment, I was denying my own instincts and trying to believe they were just friends.

As I was crying to her about how my husband wanted to be in love with someone else (little did I know it was her), she told me that maybe we were just incompatible after a 14 year relationship and should just end it.

I guess it wasn't the worst advice, but it definitely pisses me off. I don't really believe my husband is polyamorous at all but was using it as an excuse. I think it's less that we're incompatible and more that he just desperately wanted it to be OK that he wanted to also be with her.

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