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Stress E K G after-effects?

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sisoon posted 6/25/2020 13:48 PM

I had a stress EKG late Monday afternoon, with chemicals inducing(?) the high heart rate. I felt really tired afterwards.

Tuesday and today, I didn't have as much energy as usual on my bike rides. How likely is it that I'm still feeling the effects of the chemical(s)?


The good news is my heart is in great shape. The bad news is that the stress EKG was prompted by the results of a 2 week heart rate monitor, which showed both tachy- and bradycardia. I'm having dizzy episodes every day, including once on my bike. Pacemaker coming....

DragnHeart posted 6/25/2020 16:30 PM

Sorry I cant help with your question but man that's scary stuff. Glad you got it checked. Perhaps hold off on the bike rides until you get the pacemaker?

ZenMumWalking posted 6/25/2020 20:23 PM

Wow sisoon, stay off the bike!! I don't know anything about stress ekg with chemicals, I just hope that everything goes well once you get the pacemaker.

PricklePatch posted 6/25/2020 23:49 PM

I have had several. A few times I was tied, others I wasn’t. I just remember drinking copious amounts of water helped.

tushnurse posted 6/26/2020 08:46 AM

Stress EKG chems should be absorbed and out within a few hours after the test.
You may be worn out because it stressed you more than your normal exercise does.

I would encourage you to refrain from biking until you get the all clear from your Electrophysiologist. (Heart electrician)
Don't want you dropping out while on your bike, and if you are bad enough to need a pacer, you need to understand that SA node is getting worn out, and will do goofy things, and you could end up in a situation where you do pass out on the side of the road.

sisoon posted 6/26/2020 13:54 PM

I called my doc yesterday to schedule the pacemaker surgery.

I gotta think about not riding. I love doing it, and I'm getting better at it as the season progresses. I don't want to regress to pre-season abilities. I haven't ever come close to passing out, and with luck I'll have the thing inserted in a couple of weeks. And my doc didn't say anything about staying off the bike.

But I will be even more careful than usual, if I do ride.

number4 posted 6/26/2020 14:54 PM

But I will be even more careful than usual, if I do ride.

Do you wear a bike ID when you ride, so if anything does happen, someone will be able to identify you right away, before you get taken to a hospital? I say this as someone whose husband had a horrible bike accident nine years ago, and his only ID was in his wallet, stashed away in his bag. We're not sure what happened because he suffered a severe concussion and doesn't remember. But someone found him, and eventually found his driver's license, and brought him home (H refused to go to the ER - we now realize he was in a state of trauma and didn't know what he needed). After a failed attempt at an urgent care center later that night (they missed about four diagnoses), he was diagnosed the next day in an ER with five badly broken ribs, a pulmonary contusion, a severely broken clavicle and the concussion. Had surgery for the clavicle two days later.

All this being said, had he been wearing a bike ID, whoever found him and brought him home, might have called me, I would have gone to where he was, and called 911. His bike was unscathed, so all we can ascertain is that he must have slammed on his brakes to avoid something (he was riding home at dusk), and flown over the handlebars. And yes, he was wearing his helmet.

sisoon posted 6/28/2020 18:59 PM

Yup - RoadID, with W and son's contact info. I carry my insurance info in my bag.

I'm really sorry your H had an accident.

I'm not looking forward to the surgery, but I hope to find out when I'm scheduled tomorrow.

tushnurse posted 6/29/2020 07:30 AM

Sisoon - It's not a big surgery. I know to you it is huge, but as far as invasive things go, this is low on the totem pole.

Please tell me you wear a helmet when you ride as well. Worst head injury case I saw was from a bike wreck on a public bike path. Just a weird thing. But made me a firm believer in helmets when wheels are involved.

Good luck on getting it scheduled and done. Talk to the office about the limitations after surgery, and for how long. I haven't been a cardiac nurse for quite some time, but seems to me that you can't do anything really physical with your upper body for a while until that incision heals, and leads heal in place as well.

sisoon posted 6/29/2020 16:04 PM

I bought a hard shell helmet as soon as possible after I saw Bell's advertisement in Bicycling in the late '70s. (I never owned the leather 'hairnet' type helmet, though, since I never thought they'd help.)

I bought a mirror the day after I saw Rhode Gear's ad in the same magazine in the early '80s.

I ride in very straight lines, and I almost always keep some strength in reserve to handle anything unexpected. I'm a safe rider.

The surgery is more of a pain in the behind than a big deal. I trust my PCP, who recommended the cardiologist, who recommended his partner as the surgeon, so I trust the surgeon. The guy has lots of experience, so I don't fear the worst side effects. I wonder if I'm just blissfully ignorant....

I don't like the hospital, but I know how to manage them, since the were so horrible last time until I figured out the right way to complain. Think 4.5 hours in the recovery room without water, eyeglasses, or hearing aids. Or having my W hold my hand, now that I think of it.

Anyway, it should be a walk in the park compared to shoulder replacement. It may be less uncomfortable than wearing the HR monitor for 2 weeks.

But not many people enjoy being cut into....

I'm just venting and feeling sorry for myself. I was on track for 1500 miles this year. The pacemaker will probably put that out of reach. But I can still say, 'Next year' with a high probability of being around next year.

My GP and cardio are both in favor of my biking.

tushnurse posted 6/30/2020 07:32 AM


Yes the fact that you get to complain about it, is a good thing.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of this.

Keep us updated please, so we can send some of that famous SI MoJo your way.

cantaccept posted 6/30/2020 08:16 AM

Sending mojo to you! Hope it is easier than you expect, recovery is fast and puts
you on the road to 1500 miles quickly!

sisoon posted 7/3/2020 18:55 PM

Covid-19 test Tuesday, followed by self-quarantine, pacemaker on the 10th. Doc wants me off the bike for a week. One big downside is that plainsong won't be able to be with me, and I have to spend a night in the hospital. I suppose it could be more nights if I have unexpected trouble.

Took a ride today, got very tired. Almost called my W for a ride home, which is something I haven't done since 1981. I'm pretty sure I'm just giving in to whatever makes me want the pacemaker. smile

My goal for July started at 325 miles. Now it's 'I'll take what I can get.' If I get to 100, I get a coffee mug from Trek, and I really want it. I've ridden 45 so far, and I fully expect to get the mug. The weather looks very good for riding for the next 3-4 days, but I don't know is I'll be able to take advantage of it. After 7/17, however, I'll see what happen.

I've really started to buy into the supposed pacemaker benefits. smile I'm pretty conservative, though, so I'm not counting on it. One benefit I know will come is that my doc will stop recommending a pacemaker....

Thanks for your support.

ZenMumWalking posted 7/4/2020 08:32 AM

Mojo sisoon, you've got this!!

((((sisoon and ps))))

DragnHeart posted 7/9/2020 22:05 PM

Sending mojo for tomorrow.

cantaccept posted 7/10/2020 05:03 AM

Thiking of you. Hope all goes very well.

number4 posted 7/10/2020 11:48 AM

Hope you're up and back to better soon.

sisoon posted 7/10/2020 16:09 PM

Thanks, all.

I'm back home with bionic minimum HR controller. My shoulder is sore, but that's all.

Some minor limitations for a week or 6 weeks or 6 months - gotta check with cardiologist next week, since I've got documents that state the 3 contradictory limitations. I'm really hoping it's not 6 months

DragnHeart posted 7/10/2020 17:46 PM

Hey I've been waiting to see you post. Glad you are home. Sorry you're sore.isnt it funny how you can get differing instructions/limitations from doctors?.

At the ER wh wasnt told when his stitches were to come out AND that the inner lip stitches were dissolving ones. The phone nurse we have here that we can call with any concerns said the "facial stitches" should be taken out within 4-5 days. The hospital he went to today for stitch removal said that his inner stitches were "taking a long time to disolve" and removed both inner and outer...that there was NO sign of infection BUT that pus oozing is normal.

I hope your limits are in the week range BUT even if it is just a week or two take it easy.

Dance4Me posted 7/11/2020 11:55 AM

Hi Sisson

Glad you are doing well post pacer insertion!

Cardiac nurse here - let me know if you have any questions! You will have so much more energy moving forward! You will be back to your normal workouts/biking in no time!

Good luck!


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