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Things you smashed, destroyed, cut up, burned in anger?

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Skan posted 1/9/2017 20:23 PM

Humm. I used to throw things when I was younger, until one time when I threw a glass figurine that belonged to my deceased grandmother, then I managed to rein it in (not counting pillows). However after DDay

- Dishes. I broke every extra dish and glass that we had. Stuck a big rock in the bottom of the recycling bin, and hurled them, one by on, onto the rock so they shattered. Very methodical.
- Didn't smash, but laid a crowbar across the windshield of his legacy sports car. He lied to me early on, and I went out there and considered it, but decided that I didn't want to pay for a new windshield that time, so he got off with a warning.
- Twice I threw every bit of his clothing in the clothes closet down over our interior balcony. One time I then poured water on them.
- I hurled things at random, when I got triggered. Anything next to me. Remotes, phones, books, magazines, blankets, whatever. I kicked to death a TV tray table one night that annoyed me.
- I took the incredibly intricate cross stitch wedding sampler that I had spent 3 months working on after our marriage, off of the wall and threw it into the trash. He quietly fished it out and hid it in the house for over a year until he felt safe enough to give it back to me.
- Strangest thing was me getting raging angry when I found out he was view porn again, and after making him flee in terror from my wrath, I drug a Persian carpet out to our backyard, picked up a knife, and sliced ribbons out of it. I stabbed it and slashed it, and then stroked it, looking for my next insertion point. Spent around an hour on that damned things are TOUGH! I then slept under the tatters of it on a sun lounge next to the pool that night.

I'm sure a few miscellaneous things got left out.

Didn't shock me at all. Throwing or breaking something bled rage out of me every time I did it. It was cathartic and very satisfying.

Nooneleft posted 1/9/2017 20:33 PM

smashed wh hunting bow, laptop, burnt his clothes, burnt our rings.

OneInTheSame posted 1/10/2017 00:18 AM

The first casualty was a framed watercolor painting I did that was my wife's favorite. I learned the hard way not to take a basebal bat to a framed, under glass, piece of art in your bedroom. It took me hours to vacuum up all the glass.

Then I broke a kitchen chair. I swung it wildly and it struck the table pedestal and the table won.

Two plastic "unbreakable" drinking glasses were next . . . one for each of us.

I broke out one slat of our wooden blinds on our deck door. They have since been discontinued and can not be replaced.

I demolished a wooden folk art welcome sign that WW brought to our relationship from her past. I got sick of having it hanging on our house, as it now reminded me that her ex (who probably picked it out) had been allowed to invade our marriage as the OW of the affair.

I have tried to destroy our marriage booklet, that our officiant made for us, but it seems indestructible. Our vows now seem so empty: "I promise to do all that is humanly possible to keep you safe and guard your heart" no longer feels like a true statement, since she did just the opposite.

I am not proud of the temper I have experienced, as it is not something I have ever had before. It is hair-triggered and I am trying to deal with it. I have never NOT been able to control my emotions like this before.

nme1 posted 1/10/2017 00:57 AM

I was not previously prone to acts of violence against inanimate things but after Dday I threw jewellery he had given me, including wedding and engagement rings. I threw out anything that could have been in contact with the OWhore, so he lost clothing, shoes, watch, toothbrush, travel bag and all travel amenities. Then, after a bout of TT, I flew into a rage like I've never known.I frisbeed his IPad across the bedroom. I packed all his stuff into suitcases and told him to fuck off, I then destroyed all the momentos that I'd kept from him over the years(cards, stuffed toys, love letters etc) and threw the pieces at him. He hid our wedding pics and album from me, otherwise they would also be confetti right now, but I did destroy my wedding dress.

pink carnation posted 1/10/2017 01:09 AM

Ohhhh WAIT, I totally forgot about a laptop I yanked from him as he told me he was "sorry he got caught and wished he could have gotten another time with OW1"..... I threw that laptop into the hearth.... it was not a proud moment, but let me tell you, they DO shatter a certain way if you hit at the right angle. It was a scientific test......yes.

iamanidiot posted 1/10/2017 06:31 AM

I only found out some 30 years later.
During those years I always suspected something and there were many arguments that ended in the throwing of shoes, keys and plates. My spouse would always say 'be careful, the children are around'.
Maybe that's why she finally told me only after the last-born left the nest at 28.

wanted2believe posted 1/10/2017 07:08 AM

Shortly after we were married I made a scrapbook photo frame to display our anniversary and the day we became "one". After the last Dday I ripped it to shreds and threw it away.

Goldenoldie posted 1/10/2017 07:18 AM

Phones he used to text/sex her. Hammered to death. Cowboy hats we bought as a couple and wore to concerts together, cut into ribbons.12 hats. A leather coat he wore to impress her. Again, cut into ribbons. EVERY picture of us as a couple hanging in the house. Ripped to shreds and scattered throughout the house just hours before the OW moved into her "dream" home. The other thing I did out of anger was not to clean the house for the year I was allowed to stay there prior to court ordered move. I didn't harm anything, I just didn't clean...anything. Not a pretty picture for her big reveal of her dream home. I would have done more physical damage if I hadn't feared legal action. I PAID FOR THAT HOUSE AND ALL REPAIRS FOR 15 YEARS!

woundedbear posted 1/10/2017 08:55 AM

Her cell phone. The one that she used to send him naked pics. The one she took and edited sex videos with.

I broke and crushed it in my hands while intensely staring her in the eyes. I have never been violent with her. I was an aggressive football and rugby player, but never at home. She said she saw a side of me she never wanted to see again.

Damnedest things about smartphones, the glass splinters. Those splinters are hard to get out of the skin in your hands. But the internal memory is where some of the photos were, as well as the weight loss photos that started this whole nightmare. Her loss of those weight loss photos forever did feel like I got a little even that day. They could never be recovered.

Witchywoman posted 1/10/2017 09:22 AM

Three question.
What did you smash, destroy, burn?

Have you ever broken things in anger in past ?

Were you shocked that you got so angry that you can destroy things ?

The photo the ow sent me of her and my husband, the shirt he had on, I couldn't stand to look at it. So I got rid of it along with a cabellas coffee cup he had. She had told me he bought her one to. He said no but I thought of her every time I saw it. And the shorts he had on in the pic he sent her of his junk. I know there were obviously other clothes he wore while seeing her but I didn't see it so....the ones I knew about I got rid of. I threw my iPad in a fit of anger.

I never broke anything in past or three anything. That just wasn't me.

At the time I wasn't shocked that I got so angry. But previous I would have never thought I would react like this.

Dorothy123 posted 1/10/2017 11:05 AM

Proceed with caution as you go through this thread.
Make sure you have goggles, thick clothing, and a good pair of shoes.
There may be glass and debris flying everywhere.
Also, watch where you step.

Mr Integrity posted 1/10/2017 13:02 PM

I just smashed a six pack! WOOO

Thistles posted 1/10/2017 13:18 PM

I cleaned the scum around the toilet bowl with his tooth brush. I found her dark colored lip gloss in his truck and dipped the applicator in some fresh dog poo.
He always kept a toothbrush in his truck so that one got dipped in some scummy pond water.
I have never done anything like that in my life.

crazyblindsided posted 1/10/2017 13:21 PM

He had some really expensive glass smoking pieces that amounted to $5,000+ and I took a hammer to each and every one

Also smashed our framed wedding pic and any other pic of the 2 of us!

I have broken and thrown things in the past too so no this is not a big surprise, but the value I have never smashed anything of that value.

[This message edited by crazyblindsided at 1:23 PM, January 10th (Tuesday)]

JustForgave posted 1/10/2017 13:47 PM

WH brews beers and meads. One day he left a big carboy of one of his brews on the counter. When he wasn't around, I spit in it.

[This message edited by JustForgave at 1:47 PM, January 10th (Tuesday)]

hopefulkate posted 1/10/2017 13:50 PM

I smashed his phone. I dropped his new phone in some
Water. I lost my mind completely one day and trashed my office by throwing stuff at him myself at him, punched him in the face kicked his car (gently as I didn't want to pay for that -still practical! ) and sold anything and everything he sat on or wore or used during. Car, truck, couch, bed, linens, clothes...oh I tossed my ring several times, smashed our wedding photo (I regret that one now) ...that one crushed him. But you know what? That day was the BEST DAY!

I had been holding my anger in and I exploded. And he stood there and took it. I kicked him out several times that day, until he had a religious moment and came home...

After that day I started to consider R. But I needed to do it. Proud? Of hitting him? Not really, only because if you saw us you would find it funny such a little girl would try to hit such a big man. He just let me. I am not violent and far too frugal to do this normally, but this manic style episode really showed him how he had effected me.

HeLLz posted 1/10/2017 13:51 PM

I chucked a mug of tea across the room when she confessed.

It didn't even break properly, just got a little chip in it.

FFS, I can't even smash stuff right!

deephurt posted 1/10/2017 14:16 PM

Never destroyed or broke anything prior. Rarely got angry. I didn't know this kind of rage could exist

I smashed a coffee mug and a wooden photo album. I smashed a cabbage in the ground- I don't recommend this as it bounces and is not therapeutic at all

I broke the closet door when I pushed wh away from me and into it.

I threw out the sweater he was wearing when he took a dick pic of himself and sent to to the whore

I broke a picture that fell to the floor after slamming doors.

MalibuBayBreeze posted 1/10/2017 15:19 PM

I destroyed, ripped, broke and cut up everything I found that the bitch had given him. I'd love to be able to add her face to that list. SHE is what I would love to destroy. Baseball bat, meet whore.

I haven't touched any of his collectibles. If he steps one inch out of line, his collection will be part of the wreckage.

BlueIris posted 1/10/2017 15:34 PM

Nothing. But oh, how I wanted to...

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