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XH and OW getting married

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Fablegirl posted 12/8/2019 19:56 PM

Everyone is happy when they are planning a wedding. It's a great distraction from all that is wrong with them. Growing old together and the routines of marriage settle on everyone eventually. You carry on with the dignity and strength you have already demonstrated. Be kind and loving to yourself and don't forget self care.

taken4granted posted 12/9/2019 17:21 PM

Reading all the other people's responses reminds me of a mom's group I belonged to when my girls were young. Another mom was complaining about how everyone looked so put together and she was struggling just to keep her kids from streaking up and down the street. We reminded her that people can put on an act for a while, but all those "well put together moms" could have a real mess at home and don't judge yourself by others.

That said, I know it's hard. Feel pity for the other woman. One of the women I work with told me that her cheating ex married the other woman shortly after they divorced. They ended up divorcing too and she and the now ex wife are still friends. Who knows.... you may find a kindred spirit in her when his mask starts to slip. Remind yourself daily that you're free and she's starting her own hell. No matter how hard you work or how unfair it all may seem, you have been given the gift of freedom from an NPD (as you describe).

Hugs to you. You will get through it. I promise. And when you're planing your wedding to some magnificent guy that deserves you, his will already be falling apart.

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