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Have you seen sexts??

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Lemondrop10 posted 11/1/2019 16:39 PM

Nothing says love, commitment, and respect like “🍆💦”

I found that same emoji combo in my XHs texts years back and had NO DAMN IDEA what it meant. Call me stupid. Like a moron, I asked a co-worker what wet eggplants meant and got laughed at before being informed. I learned to just google everything after that.

Smjsome1 posted 11/1/2019 16:49 PM

One of the APs sent videos of her using a wine bottle on herself.

All of them sent pics of masturbating
FaceTimed while masturbating. Etc

He thinks “I deleted everything do they did too”


SumofOne posted 11/4/2019 15:18 PM

As I was catching up on this post today I thought about something I see people saying that makes me cringe. If this is something you do or have done with your spouse I apologize.

Did anyone read their spouse calling or being called "daddy"? I never saw this and my wife says no way she would say it to me this is just not sexy at all and I would consider blocking anyone that called me that in a sexual way.

Zamboni posted 11/4/2019 16:00 PM

I never understood the whole Daddy thing. Seems super creepy.

pureheartkit posted 11/4/2019 21:09 PM

I love language. We can express our deepest feelings and experiences.

Seeing these sexy texts.....ugh. that gets them going? I'm sure if I had seen some I wouldn't laugh though, it would hurt me greatly, especially talk about love. Maybe it was all fake with lies to keep the interest and excitement up.

With many of these it seems like people drop down to a basic level. Your hot, I'm willing, hurry up, that was great. Not much upper level meaning or value there. Just people giving an animal voice to their urges.

Incarnate posted 11/4/2019 22:18 PM

I saw everything. My ex made one of the friends that she was traveling with angry, apparently, and one of them (we don't know who) got onto her laptop while she was away, opened up their messenger convo, and took pictures of conversations, and of all the pictures that they took during the act with my ex, the OM, and the OW/the OM's wife. Then they were sent to me from an anonymous FB account that got deleted after sending. Some of the comments were the OM saying he wanted to fly out here and beat me with a bat, etc, etc, etc. Peacocking when I know I'd be able to destroy his scrawny ass, even as fat as I am.

So I've seen lots of graphic pictures of my ex engaging in oral, hands, PIV, spitroasting, everything. Those images are burned into my mind and whenever I look at her, that's what I see.

If y'all have never seen that, then count yourselves lucky.

Wintergarden posted 11/10/2019 11:26 AM

I struggled to read this post because haven't we had enough pain to confront in our minds. If my H sends me a text with emojis it's enough to make me want to puke. I hate them and would never use them (I am a certain age!) They used them in their messages which makes it hard for me and it was obviously part of making him feel young and trendy (don't let me go there that's another story altogether) let alone what you have all seen and experienced, if they sent those messages I'm glad not to have seen them, it's enough coping with an emoji!!

ShatteredSakura posted 11/10/2019 12:08 PM

I didn't see sexts but I saw enough. I would sometimes check her gchat or facebook, then she moved everything to whatsapp/text messages on her phone.

Near the beginning of their PA I saw them sending kissy/flirty emoji's and trading I love you's. To this day she still denies she had feelings and it was all just them joking. Literally a few weeks later she didn't come home and spent the night at his place after a party...says she didn't have sex (claims they didn't have sex until this year). Should've ended things back then but I was weak . She felt enough shame to not see him for a few months at any social gathering but still texted him literally every fucking day.

Earlier this year, she left her phone unintended (very rare) and I took a quick glance at it. I found a FULL naked photo of HER on HIS BED that he sent to her calling her sexy. Needless to say I blew up and she denied saying it was an old photo from the year before (the time she was claiming they weren't having sex ).

Of course later I found out that she was actively having sex with him during the time of the photo, and it was probably taken right before or after one of their trysts. That photo is worst than sexts IMO, it's burned into my memory because she looked sexy, but for a different man and on his bed. Her attitude about me finding that photo was the stereotypical "you did this to yourself by peeking and no one sent it to you". Really?? It's my fault? It's real and happening and WRONG whether or not I actually see it. That picture still traumatizes me. And I peeked at her phone because I felt I knew she was lying about something.

And twice this year after the photo incident I caught her sexting him (like walking into the bedroom and she's naked, puts her phone away and clearly she was touching herself).

Geezus, I really put up a lot when I recall things when posting here. She has expressed shock at how long I stayed with her because she wasn't exactly hiding a lot of this very well, but she couldn't cut off anything with this guy like she was obsessed. She's so messed up and she messed me up.

[This message edited by ShatteredSakura at 12:10 PM, November 10th (Sunday)]

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