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My friend gave me a Christmas surprise

freetogonow posted 12/24/2019 23:45 PM

This is my third Christmas alone since dday. I live by myself in a very small house with my five dogs.

I have not had a Christmas tree since. I donít want to unpack the ornaments of 24 years of marriage. I use the excuse that my house is too small for a tree (itís extremely small, 1 bedroom and less than 700 square feet plus I work from home). And itís just me and the dogs so why bother.

My friend Pat got wind that I didnít have a tree.

This morning I walked out into my garage. I keep my garage doors open all the time (I live on an 8 acre fenced in ranch so this is not unsafe to do) and I go in and out of the house through my garage. Anyway there was a tiny Christmas tree! Maybe 3 feet tall with decorations and lights and everything.

There was a card on the tree branches. I opened it up and it was from Pat! She conspired with some other people from my church to help her buy the tree and get it set up, delivered and decorated. Pat is 88 years old and in assisted living 20 miles from where I live but she knows how to get the job done.

I stood in my garage and cried. This is the nicest thing anyoneís done for me in a long time. There are even dog ornaments on the tree.

Now I have a Christmas thatís just mine. With ornaments that are just mine from my awesome friend. It doesnít involve WH in any way.

Iím going to pull down my boxes of Christmas stuff. Go through and save out the handmade ornaments from when my son was little and made things in school. And give the rest away to goodwill.

ShatteredSakura posted 12/25/2019 00:14 AM

That is a lovely and inspiring story, have a Merry Christmas!

marriageredux959 posted 12/25/2019 00:20 AM

That's wonderful. I am happy for you. Merry Christmas! :)

Dragonfly123 posted 12/25/2019 02:22 AM

What a super surprise, it must give you that sense of being loved every time you look at it! Merry Christ Free To... I hope you have a wonderful time!

sisoon posted 12/25/2019 11:44 AM

This is why I like Christmas even though I'm Jewish.

This tree is a wonderful gift, and one that you deserved (if there's any question in your mind about that).

This Pat sounds like a fantastic person.

cptprkchp posted 12/25/2019 11:49 AM

That is amazing!

Iím so happy that you have such thoughtful and great friend! Merry Christmas to you - you are free to enjoy it now

3greatkids posted 12/25/2019 13:25 PM

What a thoughtful friend. Enjoy your new tree!

demolishedinside posted 12/25/2019 14:13 PM

This is wonderful! What a great surprise. Merry Christmas!

burninghouse posted 12/25/2019 14:24 PM

So heartwarming! Thank you for sharing this. Pat is a wonderful lady to orchestrate such a sweet and thoughtful surprise. Merry Christmas!

DragnHeart posted 12/25/2019 14:50 PM

Way to go Pat!!!

What an amazing beautiful gift. I'm in happy tears.

Merry Christmas my dear.

(We have a pretty nice sized house and we dont have a large tree. It's a three foot table tree that simply gets wrapped in a huge bag and put on a shelf downstairs lol)

[This message edited by DragnHeart at 7:54 PM, December 25th (Wednesday)]

BetterTimesAhead posted 12/25/2019 19:38 PM

Pat sounds amazing. It made me happy to read your story. Best wishes for your new Christmas tradition!

WhoTheBleep posted 12/25/2019 20:13 PM

Yaaaaay!!! This so heartwarming, ftgn!! You were so tired the other day...and now this. Good karma delivers just as well as bad. You so deserved this, sweet lady.

PS:. I changed out most of my ornaments this year, as well. Any bad juju stuff went in the trash or donation pile. I'm glad you plan to do the same. It is so cathartic!!

[This message edited by WhoTheBleep at 8:13 PM, December 25th (Wednesday)]

Stumblingon posted 12/25/2019 20:27 PM

What a thoughtful surprise. Wishing you all the joy you deserve for the new year.

20yrsagoBS posted 12/25/2019 21:33 PM

Merry Christmas

StillLivin posted 12/25/2019 22:36 PM

What a beautiful act of live and kindness. Yes, after the first Christmas, I did the same. I pretty much gutted everything I had and got new stuff by my second Christmas. And man was that freeing!
I've enjoyed Christmas ever since. New tree, new decorations, new me. posted 12/25/2019 23:42 PM

Friends are the very best. You have a great one in Pat, and all her helpers. Very happy for you.

OwningItNow posted 12/26/2019 00:03 AM

Beautiful post!

The1stWife posted 12/26/2019 03:09 AM

A Christmas blessing! Pay it forward however you can.

Tallgirl posted 12/27/2019 10:19 AM

Wow, a true friend and gift

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