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Lies cheaters tell their affair partner

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steadychevy posted 1/6/2020 15:07 PM

I don't think WW told her AP any lies. She didn't need to. They both knew she was married. They both knew she wasn't going to leave me for him and he didn't want her to. The only ones lied to was me and our daughters.

adriverswife posted 1/9/2020 14:57 PM

My WS didn't lie a lot to the AP's - they weren't terribly concerned with the fact that he's married and he didn't talk about me much other than to say he was unhappy (truth - he made himself unhappy) and that I was gone a lot (truth - I was the sole breadwinner while he sat on his ass.)

However, the lies he told to ME... those were awful. I truly believed I was a crazy, jealous, insecure, whining woman. I still have not forgiven him for the gaslighting and sacrificing my mental health for so long so he could pursue OW.

pink carnation posted 1/9/2020 15:40 PM

Mine told his conquest of the day that we were divorced.... funny, he was living at home and no papers were drawn up.

He also told her that I was "frigid"- the nickname for me was "Popsicle". We were at it multiple times a day, which should have been a little hint to me that there were some other problems, as that was an escalation in his behavior.

crazyblindsided posted 1/9/2020 18:10 PM

Omg there are so many my STBX told:

I NEVER had sex with him and he was deprived

I was crazy & abusive

I am trying to control him

I didn't love him anymore

He couldn't leave because of kids,

He couldn't leave because he was afraid of me attempting suicide again (this one is actually pretty cute because my suicide attempt was over him breaking NC yet took his A underground for 2 more years )

Maddforhealing posted 1/9/2020 18:35 PM

It was lies he told himself. Man the list was endless:

He felt I didnt love/want him

Never wanted sex anymore (which is a lie cause he was deployed when he cheated)

Thought I wanted to see him with another woman sexually

He was drunk so he didnt care

Something about his childhood being terrible (which was news to me)

The shit was just sad. And everytime he told me a new one I felt I was losing brain cells. But according to OW, he told her he was in an open relationship. (Which he denies even saying)

Dispirited posted 1/9/2020 19:13 PM

My fWH said his next scheme was to tell her he had a terminal illness. But when he told her that he would never D me, she told him in a huff to never contact her again. He danced a jig and immediately deleted his email acct. She told me when she saw his email deleted and realized he was done. (He had tried breaking away from her claws in his back 5 times prior). So she thought it was just another "breakup". Funny thing is he cheated with 2 other MOWs during same time which ironically made me feel better. And all MOWs including her knew (upfront) that he was M and just looking for casual hookups. Having a bunny boiler show up was kinda karma for him. He said she was like a bugger stuck to his finger he couldn't get off. She kept active stalking for 3 years after DD.

And now?

Dispirited posted 1/11/2020 17:23 PM

Two big lies my WW claims were lies were one, that she believed God is so loving and forgiving that he sends people into our lives, just to get us through, even though it's not the perceived "right" thing to do but if she was off base she would ask for forgiveness. The other was that our children are old enough and have lived in this home, so although they will never know this other side of their mom I'm pretty sure they would have the understanding of "why" if they did.

So laughable..."god sent people?". And this is just one example of supposedly religious people who suddenly forget the tenets of their 'supposed" religion."One shall not covet a neighbor's wife". call these people out on their hypocrisy is a test in futility. And that is what's scares me...these so-called religious zealots who 'somehow" are so screwed up in their thinking that they say: "God intended it". Are you f..g kidding me?

Please stay away from these absurd, hypocritical, and pseudo-Christians. IMO? They are the anti-Christ. They are the anithesis of the supposed tenets they supposedly uphold. What a joke. How many stories on this site were about pastors who "suddenly" delved into extramarital situations? scumbags and charlatans.

Most intelligent people will see right through them.problem? The brain-dead who have no IQ to see through the facade.

Dispirited posted 1/11/2020 17:37 PM

And oh! BTW...she's WAY OFF Base.Unbelievable- especially religious people who 'seemingly" purport to be so righteous.

Case in point? Jim Baker. Most intelligent people would have written him off. Yet? It's ok he strayed and NOW? The SOB has the balls to say that the president should be supported and if not? What? We'll all go to hell?

Sorry Jim- you are not forgiven.I'm not like many who look the other way. yet another charlatan who keeps grifting naive 'followers". Again, these "followers" are a blemish on this country.

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