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Stupid things they say

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heartbrokeninNC posted 6/7/2020 15:13 PM

My STBXWW actually said that I would like him if I ever met him.


[This message edited by heartbrokeninNC at 3:16 PM, June 7th (Sunday)]

tinlizzie posted 6/7/2020 18:32 PM

My STBXWW actually said that I would like him if I ever met him.

My WW said the same thing. I met him and he's an a#@clown.

He broke up with her when he decided to marry the other chick he was dating because he's a class act.

BearlyBreathing posted 6/7/2020 21:23 PM

Yeah mine too. I met her (after DDAY) and she is so saccharine fake sweet- it’s nauseating.
She’s truly like a caricature from a bad soap opera.

CallingSpades posted 6/7/2020 22:02 PM

WH used to talk about this one woman that he met at a party, all the time. She was so amazing, you have so much in common with her, blah blah. After years - YEARS - of this I was like "STOOOOOOOPPPPPP."

Hello, red flag!

So when I found out about the A (different sparkletw@#) I asked, "what about Ms. Amazing (used her name)? Did you get in her pants too?" He tried to say "Who?"

Years, people. He talked about her. for. years.

Yeah turns out he was hoping, she just wasn't on the same page 😆 Then older, more desperate opportunity knocks...

But by calling him out on being chatty about his first obsession, I taught him to shut up when he was screwing around. It took me a good long time to figure out what was up with #2.

WowItsReallyReal posted 6/8/2020 05:41 AM

I also heard:
•What a good person OW is.
•How much like ME she is (uhhh, NO!).
•How the kids & I need to grow up & accept OW because she's 'going to be around awhile'.
•How fun she is (unlike me). •How he "raised the kids without my help" (I was a stay home Mom & he worked graveyard...didn't even know where the kids' doctors office was while they grew up... & we had the same pediatrician for 20 years & 2 kids).
•How I'd "changed" over the years (Uh, yeah...I'd hope so. I was 19 when we got married & 49 when we divorced!).
•Oh yeah, he also says he isn't in a "relationship" with OW, because he didn't really like her 'as a person', but they still live together- along with her exW, kids & grandkids- 4 years after our D finalized
(9+ years after starting their LTA).

My personal favorites were"
•"I FORCED him to marry me" (& stay married 29 years, apparently),
•He NEEDED to divorce me because of all my flaws, not the least of which was the fact that I squeeze the toothpaste tube wrong (like 2 separate tubes couldn't have have easily solved that "huge issue").🙄

BTW- I now happily squeeze MY toothpaste tube right in the middle, whenever the Hell I want to!😆

crazyblindsided posted 6/8/2020 12:29 PM

The most stupid thing I have ever heard my STBX say was that "he is a good person."

"Everyone around him likes him except for me"

"I just can't see everything he does for me"

"He looks good for his age"

"Lot's of women he knows like sex as much as he does"

"He does a lot of good things for other people"

My STBX is one big walking case of stoopid

Masa posted 6/8/2020 15:44 PM

I have the ex still contact me asking for help to pay the bills (not financially just physically how to pay them), where things are kept, how much pain killers to give the children, how to fix household appliances. Its very eye opening how much I did and how much he relied on me!!
Also I’ve had he’s been ‘working on himself’ but said he hasn’t changed anything as he’s ‘perfect’ 😂 but at the same time he is a ‘changed person’ but he is also ‘the same person he has always been’.

Westway posted 6/8/2020 16:17 PM

"It was just sex..."

With 12 OMs?

BetterTimesAhead posted 6/8/2020 21:34 PM

Crazy, my WH says many of the same things.

He says he is a good person.

He says he is a catch and women like me are a dime a dozen.

I guess I have different standards. A lying, cheating, immoral person with poor character and values is not better than me.

JJ777 posted 6/16/2020 13:41 PM

Didnt need to say too much really;

OW has same name as me( just in case he forgot who he was with)
OBS looks very similar to my WS except with a few more pounds on him.
Guess they both really wanted the original spouse eh?
- seeing as neither left their marriage for their 'magical love'

3greatkids posted 6/26/2020 05:52 AM

Cheats with dozens of women for entirety of 25 year marriage...insists he’s a good person with integrity.

Claims he now has remorse, and will be exceedingly generous and compliant through divorce process. Offers me 9 days a month with my kids. I can’t wait to see his “ungenerous” offer.

betrayedafter20 posted 6/26/2020 09:42 AM

After both LTA's, 1st PA, then EA/PA and the developing last PA

A#1 : met at Starbucks. She asked him to do electrical work at her house. He installed a ceiling fan in her bedroom and then installed himself in her. On DD#1:

"It just happened, I didn't plan for it to"

A#2 : electrical work being done at salon. Owner bartered with free haircuts regularly. One day she was crying because her dying husband had peed himself in his wheelchair so WH stayed for two hours to comfort her and then came home and told me why his haircut took so long (omitted the sex part, that I found out later). That A lasted 4 years after that.

"It just happened, I didn't plan for it to"

STB A#3: mutual acquaintance sent WH a facebook messenger to check in on the status of my surgery recovery. She offered a meal or some help. He offered her 3 orgasms at a rendevous if she was interested. NOT KIDDING

"It just happened, I didn't plan for it to"

When I file and the papers come, he will be surprised that I moved so quickly. My response will be:

"It just happened, I didn't plan for it to"

MickeyBill2016 posted 6/26/2020 21:18 PM

"I wish you'd be happy for me"

78monte posted 6/26/2020 22:10 PM

My FWW said they practiced safe sex. She said he pulled out eveytime.

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