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Carpal Tunnel release surgery

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 5/21/2021 12:24 PM

So, after putting it off for way too long Iím getting both hands done soon. I need recovery stories good, bad and ugly. I want to know what Iím getting myself into.

zebra25 posted 5/21/2021 15:37 PM

I had my right hand done about 15 years ago so I don't remember too many details.

The surgery was easy and the recovery was also pretty easy. I don't remember much pain. I do remember it taking a while before I could turn a door knob or unscrew a lid or cap off of something.

I had a great outcome. No more pain, tingling or numbness.

I hope all goes well with your surgery.

sad12008 posted 5/21/2021 21:42 PM

Recommend getting a CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) for your post-surg rehab. Many hand surgeons will specifically ask for them, but if not, be advised.

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 5/22/2021 08:21 AM

CHT is not even on the list of provider types on my insurance. Iíll remember to ask about the rehab before they slice me open. Everyone so far seems obligated to point out my non surgical options even tough itís clear surgery is the best option at this point. Iím tempted to get a bidet and try to convince them to do both hands at once.

cass posted 5/22/2021 18:00 PM

Had it done on one hand (left) many years ago with no problems. My sister also had it done on one hand with no problems and a friend had both done (not together) again with no problems. Good luck.

sisoon posted 5/23/2021 11:27 AM

I've had 2 thumb arthroplasties, 2 carpal tunnel releases (one of which was done with the arthroplasty), and shoulder replacement.

I have memories of recovering from everything but the CTS that was done on its own. IOW, recovery was not an issue.

The reason I had the CTS surgery was that riding my bike was very painful due to hand pain. I had numbness during most days, but that didn't bother me.

Since the surgery, my hands have been fine - total success.

I'm sure there are horror stories. My reco is to call up an occupational therapist and ask for recommendations for CTS surgery and use one of the recommended surgeons or use a surgeon that a friend had a good experience with.

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 5/23/2021 14:16 PM

The reason I had the CTS surgery was that riding my bike was very painful due to hand pain.

How long did it take before you could ride again? My hands get so numb I canít feel my shifters without a lot of ibuprofen before a ride.

The worst things for me are bike rides, sleeping and writing. The writing Iím pretty good at avoiding the other 2 are essential for my sanity.

sisoon posted 5/24/2021 10:42 AM

How long did it take before you could ride again?
Are you kidding? I scheduled the surgeries outside of biking season.

I don't remember, and I recommend asking your doc. No matter what, even if it's 6 weeks, it's 6 weeks off the bike followed by years of no pain. And if the pain is interfering with your sleep....

What's holding you back? I mean ... if you can ride in Texas, where it can get be hot as hell at 2 AM, you're pretty tough.

IIRC, I was allowed to use a trainer pretty quickly, maybe 2 weeks. I really didn't feel like getting on the bike for those 2 weeks anyways.

[This message edited by sisoon at 10:44 AM, May 24th (Monday)]

PricklePatch posted 5/24/2021 10:42 AM

My husband had it done a few years ago. He had a good out come and if was not to painful.

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 5/24/2021 12:49 PM

Are you kidding? I scheduled the surgeries outside of biking season.

Unfortunately I had to choose between biking season and working season. I scheduled the first surgery this morning. He said 4 weeks for lifting, need to ask about biking and bowling. This may be my summer of walking. I may need to get a trainer Iíve been told thatís the best way to learn how to unclip from you pedals without falling over.

I highly recommend a lot of watermelon for biking in Texas summers.

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 6/10/2021 20:21 PM

Um, ouch! Does anyone know the max dose I can take of Advil Dual Action? Iím going to call in the morning and ask for something stronger.

number4 posted 6/10/2021 22:07 PM

I've heard of the Advil dual action, but haven't ever used it as marketed. I have done ibuprofen and acetaminophen at the same time, though.

H has an infected root canal right now; they are telling him he can take up to 800 mg. of ibuprofen for pain every eight hours. I think that's more ibuprofen than is in the Advil dual action. I know it's basically a prescription strength. So you might consider ditching the dual action, and just taking 800 mg. of regular ibuprofen. I'm sure they told you to take it with food.

I know our medical insurance has a 24/7 nurse hotline you can call at any time with questions. You might start there if you don't want to disturb your physician after hours. If that service isn't available to you, then call your local pharmacist. Hopefully that will hold you out until tomorrow morning when you can get something stronger.

tushnurse posted 6/11/2021 07:28 AM

Just saw the question....

Have to look at the Mg of the ibuprofen. And yes 800mg every 8 hours is the max dose.
You can also take tylenol/acetaminophen 2 500mg tablets every 6 hours, no more than that in 24 hours though, and that is if you do not have any kidney issues.

Please remember to use ice and elevate. After 24 hours most people are ok with just OTC stuff.

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 6/11/2021 18:35 PM

Acetaminophen 250mg
Ibuprofen 125mg each
2/ 8 hours

I added 2 regular ibuprofen 3 hrs before the next dose was due until my husband got back from the pharmacy. I have Tylenol 3 now so Iím drowsy, will probably just take it at night after today.

Typing hurts. Being left handed sucks, canít get the other one done fast enough.

@tushnurse thank you for responding

[This message edited by UnstuffedGiraffe at 7:13 PM, June 11th (Friday)]

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