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Honey, they always affair down

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fumotheroftwo posted 1/12/2010 08:48 AM

Because this deserves to be on the very top and first page.....

ladystyx41 posted 1/12/2010 09:14 AM

This is my first post & after reading your post, deathbybetrayal you have made my day! This is soooo true. The OW in my situation tried to make me feel like the low esteem, heartless, manipulative, (insert any negative adjective you can imagine)person. In the past year she has lost custody of her child over this, lost her rented house (that both her & WS signed lease on), tried to commit suicide 3 times, has done everything in her power to make me look & feel horrible. Ironically after reading your post I honestly believe she was feeling this way about herself & used me as the scapegoat for the horrible feelings she felt about herself! Yuk one messed up scanky, broad!

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WheredoIgonow posted 1/12/2010 10:21 AM

You are right own. It was devasting when I found out. My usual high self esteem was shattered.

The more I found out - the more I see what you said. She was on her third divorce when she sunk her claws in desparation into my WH - and he ate it up. She was pressuring him to move in with her after just 4 months. He almost did.

What kind of person would pressure a married man of 25 years with young children - after just 4 months?? Oh yeah, the low end of the weak minded. A broken thrice-divorced woman. Wow.

He's learning now too - that maybe she wasn't so great.

Thank you.

Illinoisgirl posted 1/14/2010 06:07 AM


StunnedNShocked posted 1/14/2010 08:11 AM

bumped again

acalsup posted 1/14/2010 09:46 AM

Married OM was 18 years older than me. WW wasn't physically attracted, but he fed her ego and she let him. she had a PA in hopes finding the physical attraction, she was addicted to the EA and thought if the EA was so good, the PA would be too. WW traded down many levels, like so many others on this board.

Tryin2010 posted 1/17/2010 00:55 AM

Thank you so much for this - I printed it, and all the replies to date. You have no idea how much this post helped me! And yes, she is younger, but no where nicer looking about 75lbs more than me, extremely needy, a slut (she meets men in parking lots off of the internet - where she found my H) and all in all trash. And yes, he admitted it was an ego boost to him, but how much of an ego boost can it be or has he just not realized that he chose the bottom of the heap? I hope he will come to realize it soon, he is back here, and has had NC even though she's been trying all kinds of ways - and even through his family. He says he tries to think of the 'bad stuff' but he wishes he would have left at a low point instead of things going 'fine' how could they have been going fine? He lived with her 3 months, complained that she wasn't smart, had no mind of her own, would even say when they went out to eat, she'd always have what ever he was having, watched stupid tv shows that bored him to tears and in those 3 months, walked out on her 4 times and threatened more than that. So why is he so defensive about her? He says because he takes it as an insult that "HIS CHOICE" was not a good one. He didn't even ask her to move in with him, she tossed her kids, pets and home and just did it. The same way she abandoned her life to drive an hour to take her clothes off and 'do' him at the drop of a hat or less several times a week. I don't get it. And with all she is putting me through with tampering with things to drive me crazy, and keep in touch with his relatives, he trys to tell me 'try to understand' she's probably hurt and not real smart.... UGH!! Makes me crazy!!!!!!!!! And he wishes under different circumstances we all could have been friends!!???? OH PULEEEEEZEE

Ketta posted 1/17/2010 01:05 AM

That was beautiful DB!

Thank you, for making one of those bad days, not feel so bad.

wiserinsocal posted 1/17/2010 01:20 AM

Please add to this thread one very simple thought...It happens to be the WW who fits this bill as well...many a BH here who feel very much the same way when turned around.

Peace to ALL here who seek it.

deathbybetrayal posted 1/17/2010 11:47 AM

Oh wiser - I know it's so often true with either sex.

There are just so many BW's here - guess I tend to relate a little more to their pain. But, it has to be just as disgusting and disheartening for a BH to see how low their WW will go in order to make themselves "feel better."

Courage and strength to all BSs today!


quirkina posted 1/18/2010 22:56 PM

Agree....My IC said "well water finds its own level--and maybe he has found his.

OW is a "dancer" who gives her phone number out to married men with KISA issues and then has to listen to them whine to her 24/7 while she pumps up their pathetic egos. My fantasy is to watch my WH face when he finds out that he is not her only.

Plum posted 1/19/2010 04:21 AM

This is my first post. I read this and I dont feel any better.

Reason: Why should be have to belittle the OW when we should never have been cheated on...

[This message edited by Plum at 9:05 AM, January 20th (Wednesday)]

newyear posted 1/19/2010 07:59 AM


Thanks for that post. That makes me feel better.

My FWH used the same prostitute during his overseas business trips. A 30 year younger person than me. That really hurts.

I still wonder why WS would do such things to the ones they love??

Have a beautiful day.

courage17 posted 1/19/2010 08:19 AM

OH MY! wow! this is brilliant. OW here is oh my gosh - low. deals drugs- gave my H pills- looks? im not a beauty queen but next to her- i am. OW is how i found out. he threatened to turn her in to police for tellin. i needed this too! thank you!

courage17 posted 1/19/2010 08:20 AM

OH MY! wow! this is brilliant. OW here is oh my gosh - low. deals drugs- gave my H pills- looks? im not a beauty queen but next to her- i am. OW is how i found out. he threatened to turn her in to police for tellin. i needed this too! thank you!

Amandilla posted 1/19/2010 09:07 AM

Thanks! I copied that to a word to save for my files! Im considering sending it to OW!

timewilltellUK posted 1/20/2010 08:18 AM

Bumping this one up for painpaingoaway!

TwistedUp posted 1/20/2010 08:38 AM

I needed to read/hear this desperately.

Thank you very much for taking the time to break it down. Though I know you are right, it's tough to remember.

Love & Light to all.

appleofmyeyes posted 1/20/2010 15:23 PM

Thank you....better then my IC, gosh I guess I need a new one

One was more successful and younger then me, one was better at sex then me, one was prettier then me.

He is still here with his tail between his legs.

sullymeishadomi posted 1/20/2010 15:32 PM

You know....even tho my wh is finished with her (I think I finally have that confirmation), I truely want to take Deathbybetrayal's original post and a)send it to his xwhore and b) publish it in the local paper dedicated to all involved (to give strength to bs's; explain to ow what their realities are;'re damd lucky to have us....

My husband....well, he says the stupidest crap sometimes. Or he will try and compliment me and it comes out like pure crap, but he said the other night (and a few times before) that if she is so much better than I, then why is he here? Like DBB wrote, she might be thinner and have a better body (I turned into Orca...ooopps here comes the fisher man with his harpoon ....sorry, if I can't laugh at myself, then life is too sour) but she couldn't keep him. NOt with her money, her illicet photos and videos (which she did out of luv ), her fake generosity (bbf's mom even warned me it was fake)...she just couldn't keep him. Or if it was she who dumped him, she couldn't have him all to herself. Either way, she wasn't woman enough.

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