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Honey, they always affair down

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lordhasaplan? posted 11/11/2010 12:00 PM

Bumpin this as well. Definately the case in my situation as well. Not even in the same League, she admits that having the upperhand may have been a factor....

ejms posted 11/11/2010 12:19 PM

This was great thanks!!! I was always comparing us and what did she have that i didn't. The best comment came from a bartender where we frequent and where the OW showed up one night the young female bartender pulled my WH aside and said to him "i'm sorry but I just don't get it, what did you see in her" meaning OW. Surprisingly WH told me all about it.

AttemptStrength posted 11/15/2010 12:20 PM


gunnisonbrown posted 11/15/2010 17:52 PM

Thank you SO much for posting this. The OW in our situation was also much less attractive (at least as far as I'm concerned). I've been wondering why, when WH has a fairly attractive wife, he would be compelled risk the end of our marriage to be with such an unattractive person. You've summed it all up...and I feel so much better about it. the "desperately trying to unfuck the donkey" comment in your signature. I'm going to use that!

3boysmom posted 11/17/2010 15:07 PM

The OW in our situation is God awful ugly and has no morals or ethics. She is disgusting and a disgrace to the human race. He affaired way, way down.

whatdoto posted 11/17/2010 16:19 PM

I saw the OW for the first time up close today. WH and I went to lunch and I took him back to work. We werein my truck and I told WH to sit right there, don't get out. I looked over at the OW, looked at WH, and said "WH, she's ugly!". He boughed his head and said "thanks". I said "well, I just don't understand why people in this A situation chose the people they do".

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butterfly30 posted 11/18/2010 11:27 AM

This post gives me new insight and courage to love myself no matter what.

My WH was so blinded by her beauty "inside and outside" that nothing else mattered. Years later he is finally coming to the realization that the pretty shiny apple is rotten to the core.

sudra posted 11/18/2010 11:51 AM

I saw this post weeks ago and thought, well, my WH's OW was quite attractive, so it didn't apply.
However,I have now realized, I am attractive AND of much better character.
This physically attractive OW decided her own marriage was on the rocks and contacted my husband to try to line his up as her next husband.
Did she wait until she was separated/divorced to conact my husband? No.
Did she back off when she realize my husband was married with a son still at home? No.
This OW simply has "nothing to recommend her" as Jane Austen would say.
Yes, my husband definiately affaired down.
Thanks for the post.

brokenpromise posted 11/20/2010 16:27 PM

Bumping this one - I know it helps me every time I read it

Trailrider posted 11/20/2010 18:21 PM

My xwh did, she is a inverted chin, hair down to her ass, ugly crumpled mouth, disgusting short bitch from he ever fell for her is beyond me.

j_b1125 posted 11/20/2010 21:11 PM

OW is 7 years older than WH and NOT attractive at all. I have been feeling pretty low about myself through this. I have always had super low self-esteem to begin with. This helped me start to think about things a little differently.

LovingASoldier posted 11/24/2010 13:16 PM

This actually makes me a feel a bit down. As much as I try to see it this way, I don't think it was the case.

She's 10 years younger than him. She isn't horrible looking, not stunning but not ugly. She's a little chubby, but no chubbier than me. But the one thing I don't understand is that she's french, she can type english well, but I guess having a face to face conversation is difficult. He hates french, that I really don't get. He told her he was single with no children. She found out about me and told him she wouldn't see him again. They ran into each other again and picked up with they left off because he told her he left me. In a way, I see how that makes her low because I definitely wouldn't go back to someone I spent one night with after finding out they lied to me from the very start. And then again, when she found out that we were still together and he had lied about leaving me she told him to fuck off. Then 2 days later started texting him and saying she wanted to be with him because "something special happened between them".

She's low for and trashy with no morals for wanting to stick around and be the person to help break up a family. But she didn't initially get involved with him knowing that, and I think by the time she found out she was in too deep with him.

Even now she still tries to contact him now and then, and I told H that he needed to realize what she was trying to do and what kind of person she is. His response "I do, but she is a good person overall" I wish he would just throw her under the bus and show me that he thinks she is worthless. But he doesn't...

[This message edited by LovingASoldier at 1:20 PM, November 24th (Wednesday)]

Junebug0525 posted 11/24/2010 13:43 PM

That's great. My ex's co-worker told him when he first started seeing her that "you're supposed to trade up, not down". Everyone that's ever met her has told me "I don't get it, she's nothing compared to you." Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. At least now I can shop for a higher-end model than what I had before!

heart_in_a_blend posted 11/24/2010 13:54 PM

My husband is always commenting on these celebs that have EA/PA, texting thousands of messages. He says, why would they do this when their wives are so beautiful?

I just look at him and say, "what makes you any different"?

This tells me all I need to know about this man I've been married to for 38 years.

How sad to be such a dumbass.

brokenpromise posted 12/3/2010 23:05 PM

giving this a bump - always a good read

brokenpromise posted 12/13/2010 20:39 PM

bumpity bump

Muchstrongernow posted 12/13/2010 20:52 PM

lucky for my man he did !!

At least I knew it wasn't a physical attraction

She only had 1 thing to offer, and according to the e mails I read, She didn't even do that well!!!!
How sad, A "friendship" ended and the 1 night of sex wasn't even a good memory for him....

UNFUCK THE DONKEY, gotta love that

brokenpromise posted 12/17/2010 14:44 PM

bumping this up for those in need

horseluvr posted 12/17/2010 15:20 PM

Hey Trailrider--I think our WH were seeing the same skankasaurus--I love this post. Thank you for brightening my day DBB!!!!

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samsmom113 posted 12/17/2010 22:21 PM

what about when he still chooses her over me?

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