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ShatteredSakura posted 11/18/2019 12:42 PM

Finds his way to god to only get smited.

SumofOne posted 11/18/2019 15:05 PM

The OM told me, I was pulling for you 2 to work it out.

The1stWife posted 12/11/2019 07:12 AM

I had to add this.

The OW (millennial) lived her life on social media. Blog posts were interesting to say the least. On International Women’s Day she posted that I was such a loser for choosing to stay married to my “cheating husband”. How she would never stay married to a cheater.

So she would rather be the cheater or the OW than remain married to a cheater.

Wow!! My H chose a real smart one to cheat with

Dorothy123 posted 12/11/2019 07:48 AM

This thread gave me a chuckle.

Gemini83 posted 12/12/2019 20:33 PM

“I really NEED this friendship in my life right now.”

“She’s is someone I can talk to to better understand how you’re feeling and what you’re going through because her husband had 7 or 8 affairs during their marriage.”

About their sex life, “she was just working out her frustrations about her ex with me and I was working mine out about you with her.”

H, “ you got what you wanted, I ended thy friendship. I’m completely alone now.”
Me, “ she died!? I’m so sorry, that must be terrible for you.”
H, “ you don’t mean that.”

Apparently, I’m too kind hearted to even think negatively about someone knowingly fucking a married man. That’s why he kept defending them, he was worried I’d say something I’d regret later.

I often wonder if he hears what he’s saying or if he just opens his mouth and let’s words fall out.

ShatteredSakura posted 12/12/2019 20:53 PM

About their sex life, “she was just working out her frustrations about her ex with me and I was working mine out about you with her.”

What POS', both of them.

3greatkids posted 12/12/2019 22:39 PM

Oh man too many to even count, but the two worst?

When I suspected something, he randomly said one day “don’t take this wrong, but I bet you’re tighter then other women because you only had c-sections”. Yeah, if I didn’t think he was screwing around before, I sure knew he was then!

Over 25 years of cheating, multiple d days, trickle truth that didn’t stop, abuse etc, and last fall after he got caught lying about “sleepovers” with his boss, I called him crying, told him this was it, quit right then and come home and start saving our family. He said “but I love my job”.

Now he’s pissed at me. You can’t make this stuff up.

Wenda posted 12/13/2019 02:19 AM

After I hired a PI to catch him cheating: "I can't trust you!"

After I asked him why he kissed her: "I thought it wouldn't be polite not to."

When I found out and threw him out: "I would like to be your friend."

When caught having her over while supposedly no contact: "She wanted to cook for me."

When asked why he made fake accounts and followed her on social media after he was meant to be no contact: "I was trying to contain the situation."

I wish I had recorded these ridiculous comments. The lack of logic is mind boggling. He is so ashamed.

CatsNTats posted 12/13/2019 02:58 AM

"She doesn't exist."

"They don't exist. It's all in your head. A figment of your imagination."

"I don't know those women."

Because I created OW #1, OW#2, and the whores on the find locals site to fuck. I must've imagined that picture she sent him - and the texts. Oh, and the imaginary conversations I had with OW #1's husband. That wasn't real - at all.

And of course - the justifying his porn addiction to - "if we fucked more, I wouldn't need to look at it." All day, every day. Even though when we did fuck all the time, he had a collection of hundreds of naked women saved to the phone he got when we were in our beginning stages. And OW#1 was in that secret folder too.

The1stWife posted 12/16/2019 06:44 AM

Needed to add this one!

My parents did not like my H. Cultural differences in our backgrounds. Five years of dating before they started to come around. They now love him BUT it took awhile to get there.

During his affair my H told me the only reason I married him was to spite my parents. Yes people, after 25 years of a good marriage and much happiness my H decided I had ulterior motives in marrying him!!!

What a crappy thing to say!

homewrecked2011 posted 12/16/2019 08:22 AM

“I can’t be having an affair, my stuff doesnt work” is what he told all the Dads of our kid’s friends when the rumors first began!

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