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What's in a name?

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AbandonedGuy posted 2/11/2020 16:13 PM

My tabs auto convert to 4 spaces. Also I prefer this_naming_convention. To each their own.

But anyone who doesn't identify dates like 2020-01-31 can kiss my GDm MFn ass! (so 99% of everyone on Earth)

likeapinball posted 2/11/2020 16:19 PM

I figure mine is fairly self explanatory! When I joined SI it was few weeks past dday and I was still going between being absolutely enraged and completely devastated. I still have a little of both sometimes - but not to the extreme that I did, thankfully!

BearlyBreathing posted 2/11/2020 16:28 PM

I love bears and the song Barely Breathing was running through my head nonstop and I was hyperventilating. And so...BearlyBreathing. 🐻

Phoenix1 posted 2/11/2020 16:37 PM

Most assume mine is about Phoenix, AZ, but it's not. When I came here I was in a white hot rage and was looking for a safe place to vent before I became a homicidal maniac with Xhole. SI saved me from prison...

Even though I was consumed with rage at the time, I was equally determined not to let the absolute betrayal of over 20 years ruin me or keep me down. Thus, the first thing I thought of was the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes and being born again (always enjoyed mythology). Had to add the "1" because the name alone was already taken. I clung to that determination to rise from the ashes of my life every time something new hit me from left field and brought me back down again, like the discovery of the last OC. The mental image was, at times, a lifeline for my sanity.

EllieKMAS posted 2/11/2020 16:38 PM

BB that's awesome cus I start singing that song every time I see your user name! I mean... not awesome why, but just that I knew that
For you! *bows

emergent8 posted 2/11/2020 17:13 PM

Phoenix - I've always assumed that you intended it as "rising from the ashes". I think we must have had similar thought processes while naming ourselves.

Justsomelady posted 2/11/2020 17:16 PM

Mine is just what came to me, I’m nothing special, just some lady

maise posted 2/11/2020 17:20 PM

I always sing “Barely breathing” in my head when I read that name too! Also thought of the Phoenix rising from the ashes for Phoenix 1 :)

Initially mine was not that clever but then I found ‘maise’ to stand for: “becomingness, comeliness, Grace, beauty, a becoming state or act” which I find beautifully fitting for the process I’ve gone through with myself throughout this mess.

The meaning I found may or may not be legit but I accept! 😁

[This message edited by maise at 5:31 PM, February 11th (Tuesday)]

crazyblindsided posted 2/11/2020 18:00 PM

I went crazy after being blindsided literally and still feel crazy at times especially when I break NC with STBX.

PeanutButterfly posted 2/11/2020 18:02 PM

I wanted to remain anonymous and i just couldn’t think of a name for myself. I chose this name because at one time my son used to call his pb&j sandwiches Peanut Butterfly and Jellyfish. So I just picked the first part, figure the whole thing would be too long.

Scubagrl posted 2/11/2020 18:27 PM

I think mine is pretty straight forward

Gemini83 posted 2/11/2020 18:34 PM

Mine is a bit obvious. I’m a Gemini and I was born in 83.

ShatteredSakura I second visiting Japan. I lived in Okinawa from 2006-2009. It is beautiful. Yen rate was not what Sission remembers, sadly. When I was there the average yen rate was 100 yen to the dollar. I very much enjoyed the beaches, culture and the food. I love history and it’s full of it, very sad history but a lot of history none the less. If you ever get the chance to, you should take it.

Tanner posted 2/11/2020 18:58 PM

When I was a kid I got the nickname because I looked like Tanner on the Bad News Bears. No one in my adult life including WW know that was my nickname.

ShatteredSakura posted 2/11/2020 21:52 PM


C programmer?

Peanut Butterfly and Jellyfish.

I absolutely love this!

Mine is just what came to me, I’m nothing special, just some lady

That's why I like it! When I first saw it I chuckled.

I think mine is pretty straight forward

Scuba...grill? How can you grill underwater?

crazyinlove1995 posted 2/11/2020 22:53 PM

Mines mine...in 95 ifelt that..
Not so much anymore after 20 years.

Justsomeguy posted 2/11/2020 23:36 PM

I chose Justsomeguy because I am nobody and every man at the same time. I am utterly unremarkable and chose to quietly blend in. What happened to me was devastating and ordinary in a perverse sort of way, the banality of adultery so to speak.

getbusyliving posted 2/11/2020 23:39 PM

Shawshank Redemption "Get busy living or get busy dying". This has always resonated with me and then even more when i was diagnosed with breast cancer and it just felt right again after the shit hit the fan disclosure days /months and I could occassionally think in the present and feel alive

Skyking posted 2/11/2020 23:48 PM

When I was in the Air Force , we had to end all radio transmissions with our initials. Mine were SK. Or Sierra Kilo using the phonetic alphabet. Some of us would try to make up our own phonetic alphabet . My childhood hero who got me interested in flying was Skyking. So I would use Skyking as my sing-off.

HeHadADoubleLife posted 2/12/2020 00:13 AM

No hidden meanings here. Pretty damn straight forward. Kinda like me

deephurt posted 2/12/2020 00:35 AM

Mine is pretty self explanatory. It’s how I was feeling when I joined.

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