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Does a wayward spouse have a right...

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cptprkchp posted 2/13/2020 05:33 AM



Like I said before, I am a fWW - I am also in the mental health profession and I think your counselor is a disgrace for saying that. While I do think that both parties in a marriage/relationship must take responsibility for their part in the marriage there is no way a BS should be told anything of the sort when dealing with their partnerís infidelity.

Here is how I explain it - when 2 people are in a relationship itís like you are giving them a gun a trusting them not to shoot you. When a partner cheats itís the same as shooting you. When a WS gets defensive I liken it to them getting mad at YOU because, yeah, they shot you but you shouldnít have been standing there. Hey, if you werenít right there in my way the bullet wouldnít have it you. How insane does that sound????

Another example I use is a car accident - the BS is stopped at a red light, minding their own business and all of a sudden the WS rear-ends them. Hard. Are you going to tell the BS that it couldnít possibly be your fault because you were texting or just not paying attention and that itís their fault because they were out that day? Well, if you werenít sitting there at that red light I wouldnít have hit you. Fart = church.

In both scenarios I donít see the BS being at fault nor are they the ones that should feel any type of way about doing what they need and expecting the offending party to AT THE VERY LEAST take responsibility for their actions. This is 100% on them. Any counselor that will say what yours did to you is basically telling you that if you werenít standing there and if you werenít out that day nothing bad would have happened.

Walloped posted 2/13/2020 05:55 AM

To be defensive, annoyed, or short when discussing their wayward behaviors? Basicallyó- having an attitude about it.

Ic feels that some level of defensiveness is to be expected and that I should take it as a sign as my failure to communicate rationally.

You already got a chorus of opinions going one way. You donít need another. So at the risk of getting flamed Iím going to play devilís advocate and ask a few questions.

Why is your IC saying this? Whatís the background? How are you approaching your WS about Wayward behaviors? Can you provide examples of how you try and talk to your WS about the A and how your WS responds back? Are you yelling and screaming and calling names? All of that would be completely understandable, but itís not conducive to anything constructive.

Ideally, your WS would be there to support you regardless of how you broach the subject. And if youíre emotional, theyíd get that and support you too. But, ideally our spouses wouldnít have cheated on us either, right?

Basically, I do think you need to switch your IC, because even if thereís something there, itís worded in a very attacking / blame the victim type manner and thatís a big No in my book. But I do think itís important to ask yourself whether the way you are dealing with your WS is the best way. Again, itís understandable if youíre not ready for that yet, but itís good to know.

Having said all of the above, if your WS is not being emotionally supportive and in general has a bad attitude when it comes to discussing his Wayward behavior, thatís a huge red flag in terms of R. Iíd be divorced today if my wife was that way.

jb3199 posted 2/13/2020 06:15 AM

but for goodness sakes buck up and face it bud.

^^^^^^^^^^THAT, in my opinion, is the best advice that you will receive.^^^^^^^^^^^

And I like the source from which it came.

sisoon posted 2/14/2020 09:46 AM

Walloped asked important questions.

Ic feels that some level of defensiveness is to be expected...

I should take it as a sign as my failure to communicate rationally.

We all control how we respond to other people. WSes are defensive, etc., because of their own failings.

And why are you expected to be rational, if that means 'not emotional'? If you're asking questions about the A, it's normal to have some intense emotions.

[This message edited by sisoon at 9:47 AM, February 14th (Friday)]

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