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Bra or no bra?

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maise posted 10/30/2020 09:01 AM

😫 I get it when I step outside enjoying my braless-ness and experience this gosh-forsaken houston humidity and heat!!!! Canít a woman just enjoy some free-boobiní in peace?!

Unfortunately this becomes yet another reason to reach for my Nike halter.

Although I did just checkout Shefit and 😮 I may have to get some of those!! The Nike halter is great but for the harder workouts I usually need an additional sports bra underneath so my breast donít slam down and hurt.

Girl just do it right back - stare down the crotch and smirk while shaking your head. I've done this and turns out you can make guys uncomfortable too

why can I totally picture you doing this!! Gotta be careful though...they may mistaken me for straight and interested!

I just canít be gettiní down with the ďpeenĒ like that...

[This message edited by maise at 9:25 AM, October 30th (Friday)]

zebra25 posted 10/30/2020 09:32 AM

Ah yes the boob sweat. Having hot flashes the girls trap puddles of sweat at night. Gross!! I don't know how you all do it in the hot and humid climates. I would die.

I have a couple of Wacoal wireless bras that are okay. I also wear a lot of sports bras.

maise posted 10/30/2020 09:38 AM

You know...I imagine men have issues with their hanging members sweating too...with all that droop and skin to skin contact. It must be so! 🤔

WhatsRight posted 10/30/2020 10:12 AM

Wearing a bra I'm a 36G- without one- I'm a 36XLong!


...but for the harder workouts...

Oh, yíall are talking about actually working out???

Pardon me...Iím obviously on the wrong thread!

DragnHeart posted 10/30/2020 10:18 AM

In the next thread, can we talk about jock straps?

Have at it. Must be nice that you're not expected to wear one daily...

Got the girls free today but in this cold I had to make sure to wear a tucked in undershirt because the slightest breeze always manages to go up the three layers of clothes and freeze them.

Someone else mentioned different cup sizes. Yep that's me too. Lefty fills the cup while righty has room to spare.

DevastatedDee posted 10/30/2020 10:20 AM

I want a breast reduction, but friends have told me it was the most painful experience of their life! 😞

No girl, it was not that bad. I mean yeah, it hurt, and I throw up with any kind of narcotics, so I only had Tylenol...okay so maybe it hurt like heck, but it was so worth it that I didn't care, lol. I still stand around in front of a mirror looking at my perky boobs and telling them how fabulous they are and how fabulously little they seem.

maise posted 10/30/2020 10:25 AM

Do u lose sensation after that surgery?

barcher144 posted 10/30/2020 10:58 AM

Have at it. Must be nice that you're not expected to wear one daily...

Actually, I never wore one, period. I would wear a cup when playing baseball, but I never wore a jock. I never had an issue.

I will add something relevant to the actual conversation...

My GF says that taking her bra off is the best part of her day.

aprilfool1985 posted 10/30/2020 18:50 PM

I once worked in the lingerie department of a department store.

I have taken my friends on bra-buying trips. The value I add is mostly to be the person who schleps in and out of the fitting room, so that they can try a lot of bras on without climbing in and out of their clothing. The other value I add is to buzz around the department looking for new styles that might work.

I have found that the design feature that most governs comfort is the band: if the elastic is knitted in rather than sewn on, then that is more comfortable.

I have taken sports bras and cut them down the front, and sewn in hook and loop tape from a lingerie supply to make a front closure. This helps with shoulder issues.

For tushnurse and Dragnheart: one friend with large but mismatched breasts found it more comfortable to wear a small pad that I made for her. We fitted the bra to the larger buzoom. The pad was a pointy sort of oval shaped, 2 by 6 inches. I used a bit of fiberfill covered with cotton. We laughed that she was padding her bra when she already had large breasts, but she wore the pad toward the bottom of the cup and she was more comfortable.

Iím a clothing geek.

DevastatedDee posted 10/30/2020 21:13 PM

Maise, I lost sensation for about 6 months in my nipples and I was surprised that it came back. I had not expected it to. There are areas underneath my breasts where there's no sensation, but that's scar tissue. You can see the scars if you look under them, but they are very faded 5 years out.

Edited to add...I actually think sensation came fully back after about a year. It started to return at 6 months or so.

[This message edited by DevastatedDee at 9:15 PM, October 30th (Friday)]

NorthernMSB posted 10/30/2020 22:26 PM

I am not endowed in that area, they are still pretty good but haven't worn a bra (or underwear for that matter) since the 80s except when breast feeding my babies. And lord oh Lord THAT was a joke. I was so big it was laughable. Like Fs or Gs or Hs, whatever the REALLY BIG sizes are. I do not know how larger chested women deal with all that. lol.

Happy with my sports bras. I don't even own a "real" bra.

leafields posted 10/30/2020 23:42 PM

I had a K cup and had over a pound removed from each breast. Doctor had to remove my nipples and reattach. Lost sensation for about a year. Had stitches from armpit to armpit and felt like Frankenstein.

A funny story about jock straps... My STBXWH's grandma had seven girls. Helping one of the girls clean house, she burned some of the trash she threw out (country living). Gave the auntie an earful of letting the boy's underwear to get so worn out, so she burned them. Turned out she burned all their jocks.

allusions posted 10/31/2020 01:09 AM

There is no way I can go braless, except at home before getting dressed. 34 DDD. They are heavy. It's really a treat to go sit in a hot tub or pool---they float! It's nice to get relief from the weight for at least a few minutes.

sunwillshine posted 10/31/2020 02:14 AM

I hate bras, too. However, mine hang so low they touch my belly button! I had a baby at 16 who died just after my milk came in. At the time breast pumps were inadequate and the medication they gave me did not kick in for days. Anyway, my boobs have been long ever since.
Yes, my boobs hang low! When I was younger at a B cup, I needed the underwire padded bras so I would look like I had boobs. When I got older and weight went up. Well let's just say I hate my bigger boobs and the bras to put them in place. I don't wear a bra at home, unless we have company and I won't go out without one.
I also have a full cup size difference in them. I buy for the bigger cup.
I recently found sticky boobs. In beige. I love them. Comfortable, stay in place, work in hot humid climate. It just takes a bit to get them stuck in the right place/shape. And they are a bitch to pull off because they stick to the nipple, too.
I guess I'm stuck with some type of bra, if I want to have boobs that look like they are in the proper place. Otherwise, I have two fat tummys.
I'm going to see if I can find and try some of the suggestions here. It would be great to find a bra that is comfortable and makes my boobs look great!

WhatsRight posted 10/31/2020 16:35 PM

Anyone tried that one on TV now that wraps around from the back on each side and Velcros?

(I donít know if Iím allowed to use the name brand here.)

Iíve been wanting to give it a try, but theyíre kind of expensive without talking to a real person who has actually used one.

pureheartkit posted 11/1/2020 00:19 AM

We make custom fitted corsets for Victorian events and its nice because you are held up but no underwire or straps digging in. We don't tight lace. Uncorseted women were the original loose women.

I like the soft bras that were popular in the 80s. I used to buy the sets that had the bras panties and garter suspenders. They used beautiful lace then too. I liked stockings too. I had a collection of all kinds. The fabric has to be soft. I hate scratchy fabric or lace. I like the shelf bra tank tops too. I made a few 20s style brassieres that look like short camisoles but I cheated and put soft knit bra cups inside for shaping. I'm 34 b so the 20 s fashions are good for me. I like the hats too.

thatbpguy posted 11/3/2020 17:53 PM

bump (for obvious reasons)

Ratpicker posted 11/3/2020 18:13 PM

thatbpguy- did you grow up oogling the Sears catalog?

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 11/3/2020 18:48 PM

bump (for obvious reasons)

So what do you think? Should women wear a bra when around other people when to them is is not actually serving a purpose other than existing?

tushnurse posted 11/4/2020 10:54 AM

thatbpguy- did you grow up oogling the Sears catalog?


I bet he did.

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