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Bra or no bra?

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DragnHeart posted 11/4/2020 11:54 AM

My wh is an Ass man. Not turned on by boobs. Which is good because I hate having guys stare at my boobs.

Was at a reptile expo many years ago with wh and another couple. I had on a v neck shirt that showed a little bit of cleavage. Not alot but enough to get the other guys full attention and get him in trouble with his SO for staring. I haven't worn a v neck since. I have bathing suits that are low cut but I have one that totally covers for going to the beach. Other ones are worn at home.

Breast feeding was torture, being hooked up to the breast pump humiliating, having a lactation specialist manhandle my breasts was weird.

Felt like a two legged cow with an udder on my chest.

Wintergarden posted 11/5/2020 05:37 AM

Funny to see this topic as I was just having a conversation with a friend this morning, who is my body antithesis, and I've always said bras were designed by men because they never have to wear one.
They are the most uncomfortable item of clothing ever designed. In this day and age someone should be able to design one that is practical and comfortable or we all accept that it's just okay to not wear one whatever our shape.

BigBlueEyes posted 11/5/2020 07:39 AM

I tried the stick on things...oh hell noooo, I nearly cried when I went to rip them off after placing it incorrectly 😢
Never EVER again.

No bra unless Iím out of the house,
however I am a pjs addict 😂 so Iím all for comfort

thatbpguy posted 11/5/2020 10:01 AM

thatbpguy- did you grow up oogling the Sears catalog?

OMG!!! How did you know??

[This message edited by thatbpguy at 10:06 AM, November 5th (Thursday)]

thatbpguy posted 11/5/2020 10:05 AM

So what do you think? Should women wear a bra when around other people when to them is is not actually serving a purpose other than existing?

The pig in me says 'ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!'

That said, I like "naturalness". I'm not a fan of makeup, bras, plastic surgery for cosmetic sake... We are what we are and I see no reason to be something else. Then again, if a woman feels the need to, that's fine.

CatsNTats posted 11/7/2020 21:12 PM

I told my BF in my nursing program when all hell broke loose with COVID that if this was the end of the world I was never wearing a bra ever again. I made it a whole month without putting one on when the "shut down" happened. I think I broke down and put one on for going to work at the hospital finally. I don't wear them at home and don't wear them out if I don't have to. I'm a 32 B...isn't tiny, but isn't huge...so I let my bitches hang out. Haha.

nightowl1975 posted 11/8/2020 03:57 AM

After nursing four kids, including a set of twins, letís say the headlights are permanently stuck on bright. 😳😳 I had a partial lift and implants after I was done having babies and breastfeeding, so even at a 36 DD, I donít need a bra for support, but that headlight issue...

So, I wear a super soft, comfy bra from Shapermint. No wires. Itís just enough to control the nipples for public appearances.

At home? I donít wear a bra unless my 18 year old son has friends over or we have other males in the house (repairmen, husbands of friends of mine, that sort of thing).

Marriagesucks posted 11/8/2020 13:53 PM

the headlights are permanently stuck on bright
HaHa! I'm losing the battle trying not to visualize.

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