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Iím Safe

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DragnHeart posted 10/15/2019 07:18 AM

Has anyone heard from scooby?

Odonna posted 10/15/2019 09:24 AM

Yes, she is around, just not making Scooby posts.

devotedman posted 10/15/2019 09:28 AM

That's good to hear. Thanks for the update.

DragnHeart posted 10/15/2019 13:39 PM

Yes thank you!!!

Tallgirl posted 10/18/2019 18:51 PM

Scooby update from her son.

My mum is in hospital at the moment she was hit by a car while crossing the road earlier this week, the car didnít stop they just drove off leaving my mum lying in the street covered in blood. Sheís badly battered & very bruised with broken ribs, mum has been under police guard as my dad had been released last Friday, he has been picked up & arrested hundreds of miles away fleeing the country via ferry to France after being on the run.

Myself & my family are staying at her house. Hopefully she will be released tomorrow.

Iím sure my dad will get away with this again as he's got away with everything else so far. Myself my brothers & my sister donít believe he is innocent even if he does have an alibi.

Weíre not worried about ourselves but we are all scared stiff for her. Not just physically but mentally as well.

reading here a bit today i c how u help her.

From myself & my family we are very grateful she has your support.

RubixCubed posted 10/18/2019 22:06 PM

Thoughts and prayers for Scooby's quick healing.

Dragonfly123 posted 10/19/2019 01:46 AM

Scooby, I hope youíre reading this lovely lady, Iím in tears from this update, youíve been so brave, so courageous, youíve weathered the worst of storms, please get better soon. Iím sending so much mojo for a speedy recovery. Iím thinking of you, as Iím sure is the entire SI community. Huge and very gentle hugs.

Tentwinkletoes posted 10/19/2019 02:16 AM

I'm glad shes in hospital and being guarded. I'm also glad the injuries dont appear more serious and she recovering.
It pains me to realise how callous and disturbed some people can be. All those promises of reform and literally the first thing he does is go after her.

I hope the police manage to find some way to prove his involvement either himself directly or a 3rd party under his instruction.

This is terrifying for your mum and you. I'm glad she has you all for support.

Please tell her to recover and heal mentally and physically

OrdinaryDude posted 10/19/2019 06:04 AM

She needs to take a trip across the pond until he is in jail.

NoOptTo posted 10/19/2019 07:58 AM

Sending you prayers for a speedy recovery, both physically and mentally. You have been through hell Scooby. Hopefully the criminal system will do the right thing by you now. Your XH is a menace to society and needs to be dealt with.

WhoTheBleep posted 10/19/2019 10:02 AM

Did I read that correctly? Abusive POS husband is in custody for fleeing from original charges, but not yet proven connected to this new hit and run?

How long will he be held?

Jesus, Scooby needs to move and essentially "disappear" from abusive POS husband's radar.

Scooby, I have no words. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery, dear lady. I've never seen more bravery from a person as I've seen in you, and never more cowardice from a male "human" as your husband. Yuck. Eww. Vomit.

jadedangel posted 10/19/2019 11:29 AM

I am so sorry to hear this update about Scooby. I hope she recovers quickly from the physical injuries. Mentally, I think she has a IC, but if not make sure she finds one to help her.

I know your mother did not want to leave her home but maybe she wants to consider a move? I don't know if he will ever stop until he succeeds.

I hope the authorities find evidence and put him away for a long while.

Masa posted 12/2/2019 16:41 PM

Is there any updates on Scooby?

Tallgirl posted 12/2/2019 16:55 PM

Scooby is doing well. She is safe, healthy, happy and out of infidelity.

She is planning a lot of travel and gearing up for Xmas.

Her kids are good and her ex is staying away.

I am so happy for her. A strong woman for sure!

Masa posted 12/2/2019 16:59 PM

Wow! What a relief! I took myself off the site for a bit to work on me but Scooby was always there to give fantastic advice in the early days after my D day. Iím so glad to hear sheís getting her life back together, what an inspirational woman.

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