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Liar liar...

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nekonamida posted 12/13/2019 15:28 PM

Ugh, it's really low to use SI as a sounding board to convince you of his lies instead of taking the advice to heart. Stay the course, layla!

WhoTheBleep posted 12/13/2019 15:39 PM

No, it's never been OK with me. I am filing after the new year. This whole marriage was a lie and I deserve so much better.

Attagirl!!! Yes you do! (((Layla)))

And this from Chili:

finally realized I had all I needed to know after probably discovering just the tip of the iceberg. Getting more details wasn't going to change my path.

I guess I hated the idea that he had info I wasn't privy to, but that was a pride thing for me, not a game changer. Once I stopped tormenting myself by trying to put all the puzzle pieces together, a good chunk of my anxiety (and acute pain) went away immediately


Exactly this for me, too. I just let go. It was euphoric.

[This message edited by WhoTheBleep at 3:41 PM, December 13th (Friday)]

layla1234 posted 12/13/2019 18:38 PM

He had a thing for her our whole marriage, but didn't have an affair until 2018. Riiiight...

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