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Home From Deployment to Hell

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LtCdrLost posted 4/12/2018 17:25 PM

Witt, we'll recon the area before we infil.

SCARLETT94 posted 4/12/2018 17:37 PM

LT just wondering if she has noticed that you moved half the money out.
I hope she hasn't noticed that.
I just want to say I'm sorry for your heart.
The planning and executing of your plan is keeping your mind occupied.
We're here if/when the heartache hits.
Thank you for your service!

Shockedmom posted 4/12/2018 17:42 PM

Var is a good idea. Please have removal of your property from home on video to avoid false charges of theft. Your property is your property. You are good to go.

anoldlion posted 4/12/2018 19:00 PM

I know that you said you didn't want to see or talk with her. I'm someone who just has to face a confrontation in order to express my self and to get closure on a life altering situation. I have to look the person in the eye and judge for myself where they stand. But I can understand not wanting to see her. Confronting her would also help in trying to dodge her if she starts looking for you. But that's just me. I do wish you well.

Jameson1977 posted 4/12/2018 19:12 PM

LtCdrLost, just wanted to say I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and hope all goes to plan. You are a strong, confident man. Take care.

TimelessLoss posted 4/12/2018 19:29 PM

Outstanding planning and OpSec.

Seeing her parents is brilliant. It will be hard. And I expect you will feel pain. It is important that you mark the end of the M with them as well. They were there at the beginning of the M. The other pragmatic benefit is that she won't be able to spin some happy horseshit story to them. Excellent move to not leave the PI packet with them.

Everything you have done is a natural consequence of her actions. That includes exposure to her parents and the OBS. An entire shit storm is about to rain down upon her head.

You've suffered a great loss. The grief may intensify once all of the operational steps have taken place. In your professional life you would do an after action report to bring closure to the operation. Infidelity requires grieving and processing the pain to get healed up.

PricklePatch posted 4/12/2018 20:15 PM

Donít forget the VAR. You might want to block her number from calling your cell. Have everything through email or text. The other option is if you speak to her tell your recording the conversation.

I have no clue if VAR are legal in your state.

Otherwise, while I understand your going for shock and awe and she is a person who has betrayed her military spouse in one of the worst ways. We have had three betrayedís here recently make sucide attempts. One retried and did commit sucide. I understand your take no enemies attitude, I believe in it. Consider contacting her parents sooner, rather then later.

bellamadre posted 4/12/2018 20:47 PM

I admire your decision to exit infidelity. I wish you a future filled with happiness and a new partner that will show you that there are women that can be faithful, true and honest. As the saying goes, plenty of fish in the sea. She didnít deserve you.

RocketRaccoon posted 4/12/2018 20:50 PM

Late into this party in hell.

Impeccable planning. Good ambush plan that should cause considerable damage.

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this before. but here goes, 'closure' is overrated. Seeking closure from a liar and cheat will only drag you further down the rabbit hole. Closure comes from within you, and not from others. You will only be told falsehoods if you seek it from your WW, which will cause you even more doubt and pain, as they will TT, blame-shift, and pull out whatever else they have in their Cheaters arsenal.

As to how you are dealing with this, you are doing well in your 'mission'. Don't forget, this 'mission' is not forever, and you will have to debrief, as you may end up with some PTSD if you ignore the psychological effects (this is a PsyOps after all), and you will be in the blast radius (unfortunately).

Make an appointment to see someone who will be able to guide you back mentally and emotionally, as part of this plan. It is crucial to keep your mental and emotional states stable.

RocketRaccoon posted 4/12/2018 21:27 PM

One more thing to think about:

When a WS 'confesses' at the 'closure' talk, this usually unburdens their guilt from their shoulders, and they will feel lighter.

There is a good chance that they will walk away feeling better than you....

HardenMyHeart posted 4/12/2018 21:33 PM

LtCdrLost, I have nothing to add to the great advice you have been given and to the excellent planning you have done. The way you're handing all this is most impressive.

I would also like to thank you for your service. Good luck tomorrow. I'm pulling for you.

LtCdrLost posted 4/12/2018 22:03 PM


Do strong military men accept a sisterly hug of solidarity? If so, Iím sending one.

Absolutely. And thank you.

homewrecked2011 posted 4/12/2018 23:14 PM

Be prepared for her to act like ďno big deal she wants you goneĒ. Do not react to anything. Do not open your mouth.

She does not get any insight into your feelings. Shut her down like Sandra Bullock shut down Jesse James. Stoic. And silent.
It will make your actions stand out even more.

Thank goodness you got a PI. My XWH still denies it to anyone who will listen.

[This message edited by homewrecked2011 at 11:22 PM, April 12th (Thursday)]

TimSC posted 4/12/2018 23:35 PM

What are you calling this?

Operation Karma Bus?

Operation KMA?

Seems to be a well planned maneuver.

Good luck. I hope you get what you need and I hope they get what they deserve.

Smillie posted 4/13/2018 00:34 AM

Good luck for today. Make it clear to her parents that you are not really looking for their councel, you are just there as a courtesy. Itís best if they concentrate on their daughter and leave you alone to recover. Hope everything else goes smoothly.

[This message edited by Smillie at 5:12 AM, April 13th (Friday)]

The1stWife posted 4/13/2018 02:20 AM

Oooh its Friday the 13th. How fitting!

MidnightRun posted 4/13/2018 05:29 AM

Her comfy, lying world is about to go up in flames.

Lalagirl posted 4/13/2018 06:14 AM

I have been following this thread and my heart goes out to you today, sir. We are here for you day and night if you need us and will be with you in "spirit" as you go through this awful situation today.

And thank you for your service...God Bless.


steadychevy posted 4/13/2018 06:59 AM

Hoping all goes well and according to plan today and tomorrow. Contingency actions in place just in case. Go well, LCL.

[This message edited by steadychevy at 7:00 AM, April 13th (Friday)]

20yrsagoBS posted 4/13/2018 07:01 AM

(((Hugs))) hoping you get through today in one piece

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