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I lost my son

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welcome14 posted 11/28/2019 14:14 PM

So very sorry for your loss, I wish I had the wisdom and magic words to take some of your pain from you, but all I have are my prayers for you and your son.

Glashalffull posted 11/28/2019 19:13 PM

I am so very sorry for your devastating loss. I am also sorry that I have no other words of comfort....Hugh’s.

BraveSirRobin posted 11/29/2019 22:21 PM

Thinking of you today, Triple.

Myname posted 11/30/2019 01:29 AM

I can't imagine. I'm so sorry.

Hope2B posted 11/30/2019 03:21 AM

I am so very sorry to read this! My condolences go out to you and your family.

ZenMumWalking posted 11/30/2019 16:17 PM

Oh no ((((Triple))))

I'm so so very sorry for this devastating loss, my deepest condolences to you.

Please lean on others in this difficult time and let them be there for you.


cass posted 12/6/2019 14:47 PM

I cannot imagine the depth of your pain. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your child. Deepest condolences to you and yours. Wrapping you in love.

BraveSirRobin posted 1/9/2020 21:39 PM

Hi Triple. Just checking in to see how you survived the holidays. I imagine it's a relief to be through them, but also isolating as everyone gets back to "normal" when nothing is normal for you.

Thinking of you and your son.

dreamlife posted 1/13/2020 15:21 PM

I am so very sorry.
Sending you huge hugs.

Tallgirl posted 1/16/2020 19:11 PM

I am truly sorry for your loss.

I hope my prayer helps bring you a little peace.

Edie posted 1/19/2020 06:34 AM

I am so sorry. You did such a good job of keeping him alive, and he survived this long thanks to you.

A big hug, we’re thinking of you. Xx

Tripletrouble posted 1/24/2020 15:56 PM

Thank you all for kind words.
The holidays were awful. Christmas Day was terrible as expected, New Years was also terrible but that I didn’t see coming as much. A new year, a new decade in which he will never live. I still have to wake up each day and remember, and remember several times a day after getting momentarily distracted. It is much like those early days after d day, when it consumes all your mental capacity.
The love and support I have received has been helpful. I truly have been made to feel loved in a way most of us rarely experience in every day life.
Friends, if you are a parent, especially of adult children let me give you the most important piece of advice. Have a conversation with them about how much you love them. Tell them all the reasons they have made you proud, how they have made your life better. Apologize for past hurts. Ask forgiveness and give it in return. I have had many interactions with other bereaved parents and rarely did they see their child’s death coming, and are left bereft at the things left unsaid.

deena04 posted 1/25/2020 11:54 AM

Hugs and prayers to you. I’m so sorry. You are in my thoughts.

ZenMumWalking posted 1/25/2020 14:04 PM


I am so sorry for your continuing pain and grief. It is very kind of you to share your advice about letting your children know how you feel about them. I am sure that your precious DS knew that you loved him, and I hope that you know that he loved you too.

Whatever pain is inside our children, unfortunately we cannot take away - no matter how much we want to. If only we would have said this, if only we had done that..... and yet they are their own person making their own choices.

Please take care of yourself and don't beat yourself up for anything (I know, easier said than done). And let us here know what we can do for you, because we care about you and your family. Let us help you through this tragedy.

((((tripletrouble & family))))

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